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COVID-19: Bear Brand Milk, Parasite Killer and Essential Oils with fake news virus treatment in Indonesia

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While the number of people infected with COVID-19 Delta species are soaring in Indonesia. False information about the treatment and prevention of infection is spreading online in the shadows.

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Hospitals are facing the problem of overflowing patients. and oxygen shortage As people struggle to find ways to help relatives and friends who have fallen ill with the coronavirus

The BBC’s “Reality Czech” fact-checking team will take a look at the misinformation that is currently being spread on the internet in Indonesia.

1. Approved to use the drugkill parasitescure for covid

A health worker shows a bottle of Ivermectin, a medicine authorized by the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMA) to treat patients with mild, asymptomatic or suspicious COVID-19, as part of a study of the Center for Paediatric Infectious Diseases Studies, in Cali, Colombia, on 21 July 2020.

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As usual, ivermectin It is used to treat various parasitic diseases.

Social media users in Indonesia are now sharing information about the use of pesticides. “Ivermectin” (Ivermectin) in the treatment of more covid patients.

This interest arose. After the local media reported misinformation that Indonesian authorities have approved the use of ivermectin as an emergency treatment for coronavirus.

But the BBC found that Its use is still in the experimental stage. and has not been approved to treat COVID

The fake news is based on a July 15 statement released by the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration (BPOM).

But shortly after, BPOM chief Dr Penny Luquito told local media that there was no emergency approval for ivermectin to treat the coronavirus.

Such confusion arises. Because the drug name is ivermectin. It is included in the list of two other drugs approved for emergency use.

Screengrab of CNN report

Ivermectin It has not been approved to treat COVID in Indonesia.

However, Dr Lugito explained that ivermectin was included in the list because it was undergoing clinical trials at eight hospitals, but the effect was not expected until October. c. and it has not been approved to treat COVID

In the past, many celebrities have spread the news about using ivermectin as a cure for coronavirus. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that this should only be done in a healthcare setting.

Mr Reza Kunawan, who treats patients who are not doctors. He posted in support of ivermectin on his Twitter account with over 350,000 followers.

When asked by the BBC why he did this, Mr Gunawan replied that ivermectin is relatively safe, low-cost, effective to treat. Plus it’s easy to use and fast. It also helps to promote the current vaccine against the covids.”

Merck, the maker of ivermectin, said there was no scientific research proving the drug was effective in treating coronavirus.

Dr Dickie Budiman, an epidemiologist at Griffith University in Australia, said the drug should not be used without medical supervision. Because serious side effects may occur.

The drug has become a controversy after it was promoted as a treatment for coronavirus in Central America, South America and South Africa. although it has not been proven to work There are currently few countries One of them is the United Kingdom. to conduct a trial for the treatment of COVID

Usually, Ivermectin It has been used to treat parasitic diseases such as river blindness, but it has been found to kill viruses in petri dishes. but must be given at a higher than normal dosage

2. BEAR BRAND’S MILK helps build antibodies.

Screengrab of Nestle Bear Milk can

There is no evidence that drinking fresh milk can produce antibodies against COVID.

Several videos showing Indonesians flocking to buy Bear Brand fresh milk are gaining a lot of attention.

The case came after claims made on social media and WhatsApp discussion groups that drinking the brand of milk might help build antibodies. or antibodies against COVID

This false news has pushed the price of this brand of milk up 455%.

It’s not clear where the rumors originated. And there is no evidence that drinking fresh milk can build antibodies against coronavirus.

Nestle in indonesia told the BBC that The company has never claimed that their products can help build antibodies against COVID. These antibodies are formed by vaccination. or has only been infected

3. Herbal medicine “stimulates” the immune system.

West Java residents with oxygen canisters

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Indonesians in many areas are facing shortage of oxygen to supply coronavirus patients.

Currently, social media posts are being widely distributed. About a product called “propolis” (propolis) or “bee glue”, which is extracted from the skin of the honeycomb. It is sticky like glue. claiming to help “Stimulate” immunity against COVID

This story spread on Twitter and Facebook. Many people claim that this product can help prevent infection with COVID-19.

Propolis or bee glue is a natural substance derived from bees. and is sold as an alternative medicine to treat inflammation. or pain

The substance has been authorized for sale in Indonesia since 2018 as a traditional medicine and health supplement.

Bee on coneflower

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“Propolis” is an extract obtained from the skin of the honeycomb.

The “British propolis” sold in Indonesia has an official account on Instagram. and has claimed to have anti-viral properties But did not specify clearly the virus that causes COVID-19.

However, one post of the account claimed that Taking this product together with wearing a mask will help. “Protection from within by increasing the immune system to the body.”

Screengrab of social post promoting propolis

There is no evidence that propolis, or bee glue, has any anti-COVID properties.

At present, there is no evidence proving that this type of product can prevent infection with the coronavirus.

The BBC has contacted a manufacturer of this product in Indonesia. to inquire about this issue but have not received a reply.

The BBC asked Dr Faheem Yunus, head of infectious disease at the University of Maryland in the United States, about these claims.

He pointed out that there is no evidence that the natural substances from the bees are effective against coronavirus.

The BBC has also found other claims about the use of natural substances in Indonesia’s prevention of coronavirus, such as claims that one should drink or inhale cajeput oil, often used in civic. skin irritation treatment To prevent the corona virus that causes COVID-19

Man holds up pack of herbs that claim to help fight covid-19

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There are many herbs that claim to have anti-COVID properties on the market.

However, there is no proof that this essential oil can protect against COVID. It has properties similar to eucalyptus essential oil. And if inhaled, it can cause respiratory problems. and it has been proven to be dangerous.


BBC Thai news published on the website News Sod is a collaboration of two news organizations.

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