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Covid 19 | In Saudi Arabia, 38 were cured and 32 were cured

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Riyadh Saudi Arabia, First Published Nov 23, 2021, 11:54 PM IST

Riyadh: 38 new cases of covid have been confirmed in Saudi Arabia. Of the current patients, 32 have recovered. The total number of Kovid cases reported in the country so far is 549,556 and the number of cases is 538,672. One person was confirmed to have died of Kovid infection. This brings the total death toll to 8,827.

There are currently 2,057 people in treatment. Of these, 50 are in critical condition. They are in the intensive care unit of various hospitals across the country. The condition of the rest is satisfactory. The country’s covid liberation rate remains at 98 percent and the death rate at 1.6 percent. So far 47,141,914 doses of the vaccine have been injected across the country. Of these, 24,531,783 were the first dose. 22,274,400 per second dose. 1,716,143 doses were given to the elderly. The booster dose was given to 335,731 people. Number of newly reported patients in different parts of the country: Riyadh 14, Jeddah 7, Madinah 4, Makkah 4 and 9 other places each.

Money was stolen from accounts through cyber fraud; Four people, including expatriates, have been arrested

Riyadh: Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a group of four people for stealing money from people’s bank accounts through cyber fraud. The Saudi youth and three Pakistanis were arrested. The Saudi youth was captured in Riyadh and the Pakistanis in Jeddah.

The group used fake links to buy and sell currencies and stocks, as well as advertisements containing logos of major channels and photos of celebrities to gain victims ‘trust, to obtain victims’ information, issue e-claims and use them to withdraw money from people’s accounts. The gang’s routine was to transfer the seized money to foreign accounts.
It was the Pakistanis who provided all the necessary assistance to carry out the scams. It has been found that the gang had embezzled 70 lakh riyals in a similar manner.

A total of 1,159 SIM cards, 25 mobile phones, fingerprint reading machines, computers, cash and cash in the name of local telecom companies were found in the possession of the accused. Riyadh police said they had completed the legal process and handed over the case against the accused to the public prosecution.

Last Updated Nov 23, 2021, 11:54 PM IST


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