“Covid 19” is starting to send positive signals. Dr. Teerawat reveals 10 items that the epidemic situation has improved.

Professor Dr Teerawat Hemajutha Head of Emerging Diseases Health Science Center Chulalongkorn Hospital Faculty of Medicine Provide information via Facebook Teerawat Hemachutha Thiravat Hemachudha identify the situation “Covid 19” from Thailand and around the world including treatment guidelines If there is an early illness to prevent the spread “Covid 19” to others

Professor Dr. Teerawat Enter the details as follows. “Covid 19” it really should be better

1. Although the infection is concentrated in many countries and in Thailand

2. But it is important to look at the rate of hospital admissions and deaths.

3. Hospitalization and death is a direct cause of COVID or other diseases are the cause, but have been detected COVID

4. All over the world, in number 2, much better and relaxation measures Until almost all, except Japan who was in hospital and who died a lot and Germany who died a lot, but we have to look at item 3 as a direct cause?

Professor Dr. Teerawat stated the situation “Covid 19” add that

5. China, population 1600 million, but the number of hospitals is not high and deaths are very few. of information from the Chinese government that has been difficult PCR audited

6. So also Inexplicable, South Africa, very few vaccines, the disease has been peaceful for a long time, all of Europe has done it.
England is quiet, China, 2-3 doses of the deadly vaccine, injected to more than 70% of the population and very few deaths in the current situation Omicron, which could have BF.7, until aged Japan, Germany, mRNA vaccines, many doses, in Japan and America seem to be infected Close, but America is better.

7. Therefore, attention must be paid to “people” as well, such as having a good nature, such as from a specific HLA class 1
Have you ever received another infection similar to COVID, with cross-infection immunity built into it? Have you been infected with COVID in the past along with vaccines and health costs?

8. Phum doesn’t just look at antibodies in the blood that stop the virus. Most of them prevent sticking. But when meeting the Omicron subspecies Can’t stick much and not for a long time (until the Ankibody used to treat and prevent in the US is no longer available) 5 or 6 doses + 1 or 2, a very common cell landscape , very important they can even be more than antibodies, they last longer, especially if they are natural (not through T follicular helper cells) and work mainly with binding antibodies and viral killer cells.

9. But if he is sick, don’t underestimate 2, get up slowly, take medicine slowly, feel sick, separated, panic attack, no better, see a doctor, just one line, Ct virus is 20 still many, often found

10. From now on, Thailand and the whole world should be brighter. There is a caveat Everyone must speed up the cost of health to fight against all kinds of diseases. Must vegetarian food, less starch, exercise, sunlight, being thin.