“COVID-19” patients are clearly more infected. The Ministry of Public Health advises people to receive 4 doses of vaccination.

On December 4, 2022, Dr. Tares Krassanirawiwong Director General of the Department of Disease Control said that the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand in the last week is likely to be found infected patients in hospitals seriously ill and more patient deaths. this in line with the upward trend of small wave cases, especially in Bangkok, its perimeter, and tourist provinces in the eastern and southern regions. which has Thai and foreign tourists There are many group activities.

The public is advised to speed up the booster vaccination. Study data of the original COVID-19 booster vaccine used in Thailand (real world data) during the outbreak of the Omikron strain in Chiang Mai. Study by Chiang Mai University and Chiang Mai Provincial Office of Public Health. Published in international journals A study published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases found that the vaccine reduced severity and death by 89% in those who received three doses of the vaccine and those who received four doses did not experience any seriousness or death . Regardless of any brand of booster vaccine

Therefore, the Ministry of Public Health Therefore, people are advised to have 4 doses of vaccination, especially the risk group of 608, in order to reduce the severity and mortality rate. Vaccines are now available in all areas. Including the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health has ordered all states to open service units for people to have easy access to vaccines. and receive services conveniently Even without pre-registration Therefore, I would like to emphasize that Currently, the situation of COVID-19 is in an uptrend People should speed up to get the booster vaccination. 4 months after the last dose, however, the Department of Disease Control In the process of discussing the effectiveness of the new vaccine or 2 types of vaccines with a panel of experts, if the results of the study are found to clearly prevent the infection of COVID-19, it will speed up the process of providing services to the public next year.

On the side of Professor Yong Phuwarawan, Head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University added that Cases of COVID-19 It is seasonal in the circle of the year, and in this ripple, the cases will start from the middle of the month November onwards. and it will peak after the new year or January and it will start to decrease from mid-February onwards Until very little left in March and it will increase to a new case of the year in the rainy season or from June to September, depending on the season of the respiratory disease

However, there is a need to boost immunity now. Instead of waiting until January or February which is in decline for vaccines in our country Although this is the original species stimulation at the cellular level to reduce the severity of the disease can do very well And because reducing the severity of the disease depends on the number the needles that are injected. than the type of vaccine that is injected So it is now in a seasonal increase. so want everyone to be vaccinated at least 4 stimulating needles by receiving injections as soon as possible, not until February Or wait for the new vaccine.

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