COVID-19 Recurrent pneumonia in a person who has had lymphoma

On December 8, 2022, Dr Manoon Leechawengwong or “Doctor Manoon” Vichaiyut Hospital respiratory specialist When posting a message on the Facebook page, Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong FC that the COVID-19 virus can persist (persistent) in the body and cause repeated pneumonia. in people who have had lymphoma

This group of people must be a breeding ground for new strains of the COVID-19 virus, infecting others, if possible try to completely eliminate the virus in the bodies of these people by giving lots of antiviral drugs at the same time. in combination with ready immunity

anyway “Doctor Manoon” also raised a case “male patient” 67 years old, had lymphoma He was cured with chemotherapy 5 years ago and had pneumonia caused by the virus COVID-19 4 times in 4 months.

1st time: July 2022

Fever, cough, fatigue, lung X-ray has white patches RT-PCR SARS-CoV 2 genetic code plus CT value 17.40 The first intravenous dose of remdesivir was received on 23 July for 5 days after recovery from pneumonia.

2nd time: August 2022

Fever, cough, fatigue, and positive X-ray ATK pneumonia, received intravenous remdesivir on August 23 for 10 days after recovery of pneumonia.

3rd time: September 2022

Coughing, tired, positive ATK test.

4th time: October 2022

Fever, cough, fatigue, x-rays with pneumonia RT-PCR SARS-CoV2 genetic code plus CT value 19.04, administered remdesivir intravenously for 10 days on 19 October 2022 after receiving complete remdesivir. Continue taking Paxlovid and Molnupiravir at the same time for 5 days each.

Doctor Manoon He further said that this patient had previously received four doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, two from AstraZeneca, one from Pfizer and one from Moderna, but the immunity level measured in the blood Anti spike protein antibody did not show any immunity (less than 50), the patient immediately received immunity Evushel After the first intramuscular injection on 16 August 2022, 1 month later, the level of anti-spike protein antibodies was measured at 19,876. After giving a second dose of Evusheld, on 22 October 2022, the anti-spike level of protein antibodies was measured 2 weeks later, immunity is more than 40,000 AU/ml

Follow-up patients 5 weeks after taking 3 anti-Covid drugs at the same time, namely injectable Remdesivir, Paxlovid, oral Molnupiravir plus Evusheld Immunotherapy intramuscularly after suffering from No. 4 pneumonia from COVID, the patient is much better, no cough, none Tired, no fever, able to exercise, ATK test once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, negative. The latest lung x-ray is back to normal (see picture) It is believed that this treatment can completely eliminate the COVID virus in the body. must continue to follow closely

One case has been reported in the United Kingdom as this case. Remdesivir and Paxlovid have been shown to have good results (see figure), which shows that the combination of antiretroviral drugs improves the antiviral effect. and the side effects did not increase


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