Covid 19: Teachers who have not been vaccinated will be released today; Show cause notice will also be given

Thiruvananthapuram, First Published Dec 4, 2021, 1:12 AM IST

Thiruvananthapuram: The statistics of teachers who have not yet received the covid vaccine will be released today. The Minister of Education will give an account at a press conference at 9 am. The government has so far released different figures. Prior to the school’s opening, the minister had said that about 2,000 teachers had not been vaccinated. The minister said yesterday that there were about 5,000 people. The government has decided to issue a show cause notice to those who have not been vaccinated. The education department has said that teachers who are not vaccinated should not come to school.

Education Minister V Sivankutty had earlier said that the details of teachers who were not vaccinated would be released yesterday afternoon. However, the Office of the Minister of Education said in the evening that the census was delayed due to non-compliance and the figures would be released today.

The census is not yet complete; The details of the teachers who have not been vaccinated will be released on Saturday

Shivankutty had said that show cause notice would be issued to those who did not get the vaccine. The community needs to know their details. Schools in the state were reopened after much preparation. The same preparations will be made in the context of the Omicron scare. Protect the health of children. The minister also said that talks would be held on the Omikron defense.

Action will be taken against teachers who have not been vaccinated, plus 75 extra batches for Plus One: Minister

The minister had yesterday said that teachers and non-teachers should be vaccinated and the guideline is that those who are not vaccinated should not enter the campus. The guideline will be strictly enforced. Those with health problems should obtain a report from the Health Committee. Teachers who do not take the vaccine will not be encouraged in any way. The minister had said that only 5,000 people could not violate the decision. He had earlier reminded the public to be vigilant in the field of education and not to cause a catastrophe in the society due to non-vaccination.

At the same time, there has been no clear answer as to what will be the action other than giving show cause notice to teachers who have not been vaccinated. The Office of the Minister of Education said the decision on the action was taken after consultation with the Department of Health as it was a matter related to the Kovid protocol. Action may also be considered under the Disaster Management Act. But there is an opinion that it should not be so severe. But there has been criticism on social media for not taking action against teachers who do not get vaccinated for religious reasons. The Aided Higher Secondary Teachers’ Association wants those with health problems to be exempted from the vaccine and allowed to come to school.

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