Covid-19 Today, Doctor Thira expects the real total to be infected with more than 6.5 thousand. Long COVID symptoms, children

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Teera Worathanarat, M.D. or “Doctor Thira“Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post the issue “Covid-19revealnumber of infected peopleactually from the estimate Along with analyzing Thailand’s epidemic situation from Worldometer data today (30 July 2022)

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quantitydiedYesterday was the 14th highest in the world and 4th in Asia. MOPHThailand will adjust the reporting system from 1 May until the number of reports is greatly reduced.

Update Long COVID in children

Team from Johns Hopkins University, USA Research reports on neuropsychiatric and psychiatric effects in the groupPediatric patients infected with COVID-19 then facing problems Long COVID A total of 18 people were referred for further care.

From the assessment, it was found that Most had symptoms of concentration problems (83%), fatigue, fatigue and insomnia (77.7%), along with other symptoms such as headaches, dizziness.

However, 50 percent of these pediatric patients had a past history of concentration problems and 72 percent had mood problems such as depression or anxiety before contracting COVID-19.

The results of this study indicated that Children with prior concentration and mood problems may be more prone to long-term COVID-19 problems. However, more studies are needed to prove it in the population. and find the relationship of other factors That may affect the occurrence of Long COVID as well.

outbreak of thailand is still ongoing

Wearing a mask correctly and consistently is key. to prevent the spread of infection

It will also be helpful to carry an alcohol spray to wash your hands and to disinfect areas that will be touched or used in public places (such as toilets). both preventing COVID-19 and smallpox

in addition “Doctor Thira” also revealed the real number of infected people from the daily forecast for July 30, 2022, stating that “1,962 –> Estimated 65,400”

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