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COVID-19: UK orders a 10-day quarantine for all national travelers to deal with the new mutant virus.

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The measure was issued to extract the mutant corona virus found in Brazil. And promulgated After the UK banned travelers from South America. Portugal and Cape Verde in Africa Entered the country since 04.00 GMT Of the date 15 m.C.

British citizens Irish And foreigners who are legally entitled to stay in the UK Are also allowed to enter the country But must be detained 10 day

Before England And South Africa All found the corona virus mutated Which has led many countries to rule out the prohibition of entry by travelers from 2 This country

Brazil has the number of deaths from COVID-19. 2nd in the world

Brazil Chile Guatemala And Panama Has issued regulations to block entry into the country to travelers from the United Kingdom. While Argentina And Uruguay Issue an order not to accept foreigners who are not eligible to stay under the law

Mr. Johnson announced on 15 m.C. To take this measure for the time 1 Initial month And will constantly review the measure Any And may extend time away To cope with the risk of new mutant viruses

Before Thailand is on the national list that travelers cannot enter the country without having to detain themselves.

In the middle g.A. Last year England Scotland And Wales Add Thailand and Singapore to the national list that travelers can enter without detention. 14 day Effective since 04:00 A. Of the date 19 g.A. Local time (10:00 A. According to Thai time)

The UK’s transport ministry announced the list of countries where travelers have entered the country without detention since early July. And name changes in and out are more frequent with the COVID outbreak.-19 In those countries

The Ministry of Transport announced on the date 17 g.A. that Exemption from detention for travelers from Thailand and Singapore. Will not result in the British people traveling 2 More of this country Because both 2 The country issues many restrictions on accepting visitors.

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