COVID-19 Vaccination Should I continue with the booster or wait for the new vaccine?

(3 December 2022) Professor Yong Poovorawan (Doctor Yong) Head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Mail Issues Facebook “COVID-19“Ask questions he shouldbooster vaccinationContinue or wait for a new vaccine, the case is now on the rise

cases ofCOVID-19 according to the season of the year In this wave, the cases started from mid-November onwards. and it will reach a peak after the new year or January and it will start to decrease from mid-February onwards Until very little left in March and it will go up to a new case of the year in the rainy season or from June to September according to the season of the respiratory disease

The cases are now on the rise. according to the direction of the season Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate higher immunity. Now instead of waiting until January or February, which is on the downside

vaccines in our country Although this is the original species stimulation at the cellular level to reduce the severity of the disease can do very well

Vaccines by species Even with the progress preventing infection because itAntibodies or cell B and when the landscape rises, it decreases And when it decreases to a certain level, no matter what vaccine it is, infection can occur. Therefore, there is no Thep vaccine to prevent infection.

So reducing the severity of the disease depends on the number of needles injected. nor the type of vaccine that is injected Of course, each vaccination should be separated from each other. In general, in the trigger needle, the further the better. But the downside is that if it is too far away, it will cause an infection first.

So, I want everyone to have at least 3 injections and if the 4th injection is to be injected, it should be 4-6 months away, and if it has been 4 injections for a very long time, for example more than 6 month, the injection will not matter 5. Because a long time ago, the immunity will be reduced to a lot. Stimulation increases immunity at the antibody and cellular levels.

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When COVID-19 is on the rise, we should be quick to vaccinate instead of waiting for a new vaccine or a 2-strain vaccine that will be on the downward trend of COVID-19. We are not a vaccine producing country.

virus mutation it will mutate in parts of spikes that is part of preventing infection And throughout the last year, the strain that has spread in our country is still Omicrons, but it will be different in subgroups like BA.1, BA.2, BA.2.75, BA.4, BA.5 The Thai population is infected. 70% (according to the study of blood collection in Chonburi), most of the infected speciesOmicron Immunity derived from infection combined with immunity derived from vaccine It is considered a very good hybrid immunity. and closest to the species

About the mutation that went out as much as the news Deltacron Not a problem in Thailand The resulting case is still omicron. Therefore, the immunity of the majority of the population has not escaped much. Not scary at all

So, it is now in seasonal progress. They should be vaccinated in the appropriate security available in our homes. And it won’t wait until February or wait for a new strain of vaccine.

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