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COVID-19 Vaccine “The Hope of Choice and Survival of the Thai People”

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Sunday 09 May 2021, 16.32

COVID-19 Vaccine “The Hope of Alternative and Survival of the Thai People”

After five full months of the 2021 calendar, Thailand is finally moving into the next phase of the COVID-19 “vaccination”. Or in other words This is to allow the Thai population to register through the “Ready Doctor” platform in order to thoroughly prepare for vaccination.

But the issue that many people want to know before registering their fingers. It is inevitable about two brands of vaccines, “favorite horse” such as’ AstraZeneca. (AstraZeneca) ‘and’ Sinovac ‘who were asked every day whether the’ efficacy ‘and’ side effects’ occurred would be worth it enough for us to give up our sleeves to spray them or not.

But before talking about two favorite horses We would like to expand to other horse numbers. To be clearer first So it is easy to compare the differences And weigh the value of each vaccine as clearly as possible. How many types of COVID-19 vaccine are there?

Somchai Leelasiriwong, M.D., Advisor to the Risk Manager Rama IX Hospital Give us information that There are four main vaccines used to prevent COVID 19 today, based on the techniques used in the production of the COVID 19 vaccine:

– mRNA vaccines or the genetic material vaccine This is a new technology used in the development of the Ebola vaccine. The vaccine uses the genetic material of COVID-19. The SARS-CoV-2 virus (SARS-CoV-2) controls the production of spike protein and makes the body immune to COVID-19. BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna are two brands. Who use this technology

– Viral vector vaccines Developed by introducing a weakened virus Or unable to divide again To be modified to be used as a carrier And then depositing the genetic material of COVID-19 into the body to create an immune This technique is a method that can stimulate the immune system as well. Because it mimics an infection that is close to nature. There are vaccines from Johnson & Johnson, Sputnik V, as well as ‘Oxford – AstraZeneca’ produced using this technique.

– Protein-based vaccines or vaccines made from proteins part of the virus SARS-COV-2 (SARS-CoV-2) by removing some proteins of COVID-19, such as thorn proteins. Mixed with immune stimulants Before injection into the body And mixed with an immune stimulant When injected, it will stimulate the body to build immunity to the virus. Used for a long time. Because it is a technique used to produce influenza vaccine And hepatitis B vaccine, which Novavax is one brand that uses this technique in production.

– Inactivated vaccines or inactivated vaccines It is produced from the introduction of COVID-19. To cause death by chemicals or heat Before being injected into the body to stimulate the immune system against the virus The technique is slow and costly because it has to be produced in a Level 3 safety laboratory, the ones using the technique are Sinopharm and ‘Sinovac’.

When I was aware of the origins of techniques used in the production of each type of vaccine. Further expectations are inevitable, with risk factors or ‘side effects’ seeming to be so many symptoms that it is unlikely that the side effects of vaccination are nothing new. Most people who have side effects have a combination of symptoms such as pain, swelling, redness, itching or bruising at the vaccination site, nausea – fever, muscle aches. Including feeling tired and uncomfortable Which is a side effect “Mild type” found in almost all vaccines.

“The issue that Thai people are concerned about is News of serious side effects In particular, thromboembolism from the vaccine AstraZeneca, “the European Medical Agency (EMA) announced that this vaccine. There may be a connection with the aforementioned conditions. After the first vaccination was reported to have thromboembolic patients. “

“But in all respects Many global public health agencies report that If comparing the proportion of the population that has been injected Such conditions have a very low proportion of the occurrence. When considered in the overall picture Many parties therefore concluded that Going forward with vaccination to reduce the risk of death from COVID-19 Will be more useful than suspending vaccines at all. “

Another part that is entering Thailand, the main million dosages like Sinovac, although the last one has been mentioned side effects similar to paralysis. Which may be a temporary neurological disorder But there is still no definitive confirmation information on that topic.

With so many reports from both AstraZeneca and Sinovac, it may be difficult to raise the two vaccines as Thailand’s hopeful horses. But at the very least, they are both World Health Organization-approved vaccines. It has been approved for use in many countries. It has also been properly registered and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Thailand.

By Assoc. Prof. Raweerat Sichrungsi, Pediatrician of Allergy and Immunology Provide information for both vaccines that “In Thailand, AstraZeneca is used. Injection is given to people over the age of 60, in 2 doses, 10-12 weeks apart, and avoid injections for people with severe immunodeficiency. Between 18-59 years, the upper arm also included 2 doses, but two to four weeks apart, and except for those in severe epidemic areas Only need to be injected 2 weeks apart. “

“Thailand has already started vaccinations for all four risk groups, including Outpost medical and public health personnel, people with underlying disease or at-risk disease, people over 60 years of age, as well as staff involved in COVID-19 control. Which after more vaccines were imported The Ministry of Public Health has started planning the vaccination for the general public at 1,500 hospitals nationwide Including Praram 9 Hospital Through the ready doctor platform “

The “Doctor Ready” platform will open for registration via LINE Official Account from this May onwards. It is also open for the public to study how to use it. Including details that must be reported Through the website https: // morphompong.com as well

Although it can not be concluded that the vaccination of both types. Is it a 100% survival for Thais? But we believe that sufficient access to the information of the COVID-19 vaccine will provide hope for Thai people. Make your own choices to overcome this crisis by yourself.

More details can be found at https://www.praram9.com/covid19-vaccine/

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