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The device for testing its own Kovid antigen has also become available in the Saudi market. The test kit can detect the result within fifteen minutes.

This test can detect new variants of the Kovid, such as the Delta Omikron. It is currently priced at around 45 riyals in the Saudi market. Kovid himself at home

The Saudi Ministry of Health explained the working methods of the device being tested. The test kit includes a swab stick for taking swabs, a test tube test tube holder, a test solution, and a testing device.

Hands should be disinfected with sanitizer before opening the kit. Then open the bottle and pour the solution into the test tube. Prior to testing, make sure that the solution is in the amount indicated on the test tube.

Then take out the swab stick cover and insert it about two centimeters through both nostrils and turn it five times.

Then lower the swab stick into the test tube where the solution was poured and rotate it five or more times, then slowly lift the swab stick and gently cut off the part marked on the stick. The remaining part should be kept inside the test tube.

The test tube should then be closed with a blue cap and placed in a holder, and the test instrument should be removed from its packet and placed on a flat surface. After making sure that no bubbles have formed inside the test tube, open the white cap at the bottom of the test tube and gently press on both sides of the test tube to transfer five drops to the test device.

The results can be known within fifteen to 20 minutes. In the meantime, the test device should not be moved or touched. If the red line is not marked against the control line marked C, or the test line is marked only against the T line, then the test is incorrect.

However, it should be noted that Kovid is positive if two red lines are shown against C and tick, and Kovid is negative only if the red line is clear against C. The Ministry of Health said that after the inspection, the entire equipment should be returned to the same packet and destroyed.

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