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COVID-19, Bangkok took the first place, followed by “Chonburi-Paknam”

Date 11 Jan 2022 time 12:51

Prof. reports 10 provinces with the highest number of infected people. BMA took the lead at 593, followed by BKK 583 and Samut Prakan at 530.

On January 11, 65, the Coronavirus Disease Epidemic Situation Administration Center (CDC) reported on the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19. in the country on a daily basis as follows:

– 7,133 new cases, comprising 6,632 patients from surveillance and service systems, 45 cases from proactive search from prisons, and 441 from foreign tourists, totaling 2,284,609 cases. 25th place in the world

– 12 more deaths / 21,850 cumulative totals, 9 males, 3 females, aged 21-84 years, 12 Thais, aged 60 and over, 8 under 60, 3 chronic diseases, none History of chronic disease, 1 case, risk factors for disease severity Most have congenital disease High blood pressure, diabetes, HPL, kidney disease, obesity, bedridden. The risk factors for infection Infected by close friends, acquaintances, family, living in the epidemic area. and risky careers

– 3,306 more recovered patients The cumulative total is 2,200,785, leaving 61,974 patients treated, of which 492 are seriously ill. and 110 had to be put on a breathing apparatus.

– The number of vaccinations against COVID-19 Given to people since Thailand started vaccinating against COVID-19 on 28 Feb. 64 until 10 Jan. 65, it was found that there were 106,758,696 doses of cumulative vaccination, divided into 51,543,088 doses and the first dose. The second dose was 46,923,112 doses, the third dose was 8,292,496 doses, only on 7 Jan. 65 vaccinated total 283,574 doses.

– The number of new cases of COVID-19 in the country today, the top 10 provinces 1. Bangkok 593 cases 2. Chonburi 583 cases 3. Samut Prakan 530 cases 4. Phuket 468 cases 5. Ubon Ratchathani 426 cases 6. Nonthaburi 336 cases 7. Khon Kaen 280 cases 8. Chiang Mai 209 cases 9. Pathum Thani 173 cases and 10. Buriram 162 cases. income




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