Home Business Covid, cross-injection vaccine works! British research shows that Astra to Pfizer outflow 2 times more than Astra

Covid, cross-injection vaccine works! British research shows that Astra to Pfizer outflow 2 times more than Astra

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Covid, cross-injection vaccine works! British research shows that Astra to Pfizer outflow 2 times more than Astra

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covid – On June 28, the BBC reports the latest study results. Switching brands of coronavirus vaccine 2019 or Covid-19 that the first vaccination from AstraZeneca followed by Pfizer that can stimulate immunity favorably can protect against viruses

The study is a result of the University of Oxford’s Comparative Immunity and Safety (Com-Cov) Alternate Vaccine Program. The latest study alternates between AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

The results indicated that alternating all forms of the above two brands had a beneficial effect on the immune system. which is good news Because it will increase the flexibility of the group immunization program.

This test also indicates preliminary Individuals who have received 2 doses of AstraZeneca will have an increased level of booster immunity if they received a third booster dose with another brand of vaccine.

Professor Jonathan Wan-Tham, Britain’s deputy chief medical officer, said there was no reason for Britain to adjust plans for two injections of the same brand as the vaccine supply was still available.

However, this information is useful for the future. Because the injection of alternate brands will increase the flexibility of the immunization program for the people. especially in countries that are facing a shortage of vaccines.

Some countries have already allowed alternate brands of vaccination, such as Spain and Germany, which let people choose the Pfizer vaccine. or moderna This is the second mRNA vaccine after the first AstraZeneca. to reduce the risk of rare blood clots in young people

The report stated that Getting all 2 vaccinations is very important. to create antibody-type immunity and T-cell white blood cells to be able to block and kill the virus.

For details of the study results above A group of 850 volunteers aged 50 years and older were vaccinated with alternate brands of AstraZeneca and Pfizer. With each dose four weeks apart, AstraZeneca to Pfizer was more immune-boosting than Pfizer to AstraZeneca.

By alternating the above two brands, either form was able to induce a greater dose of astibodies than the two injections of AstraZeneca.

The highest antibody response was with two doses of Pfizer, while the highest T-cell antibody response was with AstraZeneca Pfizer injection.

Prof Matthew Snape, the project leader, said the results did not undermine Britain’s two-dose vaccination policy. Because it is already known that Two doses of AstraZeneca can prevent serious illness from coronavirus Including delta strains, if the 2nd injection is 8-12 weeks away from the first dose.

However, the results of the study provide conclusive evidence that Vaccines switch brands between AstraZeneca and Pfizer. In just 4 weeks, it has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the immune system. The same is true for an 8-12 week break in two doses of AstraZeneca, while results of the 12-week absence study between AstraZeneca and Pfizer will be available in July.

In conclusion, needle 3 should be injected or not?

On the same day, another study is due to be published, indicating that a third dose of AstraZeneca vaccination followed by a six-month hiatus from the second dose can boost immunity.

However, experts consider It is too early to determine whether people should receive a third dose of vaccine before this winter. (This is the season when the virus may spread more) because there is no clear information. How long will it take for the level of immunity obtained from the 2 doses of vaccines to drop to levels that need more boosters?

Prof Paul Hunter, from the University of East Anglia, said the key question now was about a third dose of immunosuppression, which was thought to be at risk. and the elderly who will receive if the official decides to actually inject the 3rd needle, but think that Pfizer should be injected as the 3rd needle instead of Astra again

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