Home Entertainment Covid doing health! “Fluke Jira” is happy after “Apple” has been pregnant with the 2nd child for 3 months.

Covid doing health! “Fluke Jira” is happy after “Apple” has been pregnant with the 2nd child for 3 months.

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In silence for 3 months, “Fluke Jira” reveals the good news, COVID is the cause of the second heir.

After months of unemployment at the time of detention during the severe COVID-19 outbreak, the young actor recently became a red-labeled father. “Fluke Jira Dan Bowonkiet” Has come out to reveal good news to be able to head together again

Which on October 23, the young actor revealed a picture with his wife and face. “Orange colored apple” And a lovely daughter “Nong Junie” Into Instagram And this work also has an ultrasound image and a pregnancy test. Is a representative of the second heir, which young Fluke revealed a joking message on the family photo that … “Wherever Covid has made us free. I have a younger sister for Junie, so it’s okay. Junie is already an older sister. # flukeapplebaby2 ”

As for the young wife. “Orange colored apple” Has shown a picture with family And ultrasound pictures ready to check the pregnancy On Instagram as well She also revealed after 3 months of silence that …

“Our family is bigger again. I love it the most. I apologize to my friends, brothers and sisters who have been silent for 3 months. Even now, he still can’t lose. But I’m very happy. # Mommy fighting # 14weekspregnant ”

After the two husband and wife revealed the good news of having a second Babe, they all had friends, brothers and sisters in the industry and fans to comment congratulations. And to tease the coronavirus as the young Fluke spoke overwhelmingly

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Thanks for the pictures from Instagram: appleminiberry, fluke_jira

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