Covid End Game “Mo Yong” recommends vaccination “once a year” after the disease is mild.

Professor Yong Poovorawan Head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Posted a message via Facebook Yong Poovorawan about the end game of COVID-19 by entering the disease of the season, saying that COVID-19 did not go away. and likely to end with the next seasonal illness

In the fourth year, counting the number of infected patients in vain Because the numbers reported are much lower than reality. Now around the world there should be more than 70 percent of infections, or about 5 billion people It is estimated that the number of infections reported worldwide is almost 700 million people, about 10 times lower than the actual number.We Thailand reported the number of already Report hospitalized patients and patients who have died only.

The World Health Organization will probably stop counting numbers soon. after the epidemic in China subsided (because most of them were infected)

The severity of the disease has always decreased. More than 80 per cent of the deaths were elderly. and who has a congenital disease There will be no going back to close the house and close the city again.

Vaccines, especially mRNA, should be a buyers’ market. The vaccine is short-lived, and one bottle still contains 7-10 doses, which makes it difficult to administer. to get the least amount of loss along with being expensive There are complications that can be found. than the vaccine used in the past and in the future compared to the severity of the disease Access is difficult for developing countries.

The need for injections every 4-6 months is no longer necessary. when entering a seasonal disease The vaccination will be left once a year, making it more difficult to make appointments for people to be vaccinated at the same time in order to reduce the number of vaccines that are missed. Especially the short lived vaccine. storage was difficult using negative temperatures made it more expensive It was even more difficult to get the vaccine that matched the strain. Because development requires a high cost, and after development, the virus changes species again.

In the near future it is likely to see numbers of countries using different vaccines. effectiveness in reducing violence Or how did you die? When most of all countries are infected. He will look back on past lessons.

Thailand is infected by more than 70% so far, probably 80%, resulting in natural immunity combined with immunity from vaccines. in almost every population And if necessary, vaccination once a year, given in risk groups The amount of vaccine used each year would be like the flu with an epidemic season in the rainy season or the first semester of school in June itself

The annual vaccination should be between April and May to prevent outbreaks in the rainy season. that will start from June


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