Covid is back strong. Rescue reveals 3 days, collects 4 bodies, extinguishes in a house in Bangkok. ATK test positive.

Mr. Anawut Phoampai, Ruamkatanyu Foundation Rescue Officer Posted on Facebook NAKON45 Anawut Phoampai reveals the work of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation’s expert operations team. who traveled to collect the bodies of the deceased in the house

By noting around 5:25 pm on November 18, 2022, Ruamkatanyu Foundation staff Received a notice that there was a rotten smell in a place suspected as if there was a dead person inside So he came to inspect the scene and found the body of a woman 52 aged lying on her back dead in the room with a 72 year old man found, her husband sleeping in the bed in the room. Both of them were found to be infected with COVID-19.

Later, on November 23, the past posted that “Covid has died another person.!!! 23 November 2022 Ruamkatanyu Foundation sent a specialist action team to help collect the bodies of the deceased In a condo in Soi Ladprao 101, the initial death has been infected with COVID since Sunday from a company with about 5-8 infected workers with COVID. The company has made employees work from home and have online meetings. Every day, but the deceased had missed the meeting for 2 days. Today, his colleagues came to inspect the accommodation and found him dead.

While today, November 24, the post states that Ruamkatanyu Foundation Send a specialized operation team to help collect the body of the deceased, death from unknown causes, check the ATK, 2 checks at Soi On Nut 66 intersection 25, preliminary information about the deceased, over 80 years old, in bed. But in the house, a girl contracted COVID from work and was kept upstairs in the house. After the due date, he went downstairs for 2 days. This morning he found his father dead.

Finally, on the same day, posted that 6:50 pm Ruamkatanyu Foundation Send a specialized operation team to collect another COVID death. Charan 35 Intersection 4

while Tares Krassanairawiwong Dr Director General of the Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) He revealed that Thailand in many areas has started to experience cold weather. affecting the transmission of respiratory tract infections Especially the strain COVID-19 BA.2.75 which has started to have a higher number of patients in Thailand. The species was first found in India. at the beginning of last May and has spread to many countries

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