Covid is back to go viral again. The security guard turns off the mystery in the guard. ATK result is positive.

The security guard turned off the guard, checking the ATK up lines 2. The father revealed before his death, he said he was cold, like he had a fever, he asked to rest. In the morning he came to find that he had freeze

Reporters reported today (November 25) at 6:00 am, Lieutenant Colonel Anan Thonglue, deputy inspector (investigation), Bang Phli Police Station, was informed about the incident. The security guard died of unknown causes. Inside the Leab factory reserve Klong Song Nam Road, Bang Chalong Sub-District, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province, together with the staff of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation. Investigate the scene

At the scene of the incident, inside the guard, Mr Jaturong, 43, wearing a security uniform was found lying on his back, mysteriously dead inside the guard. So the Ruamkatanyu Foundation staff brought the ATK test kit to conduct a preliminary examination for the deceased. The result shows that there are 2 dark red lines (addicted to COVID)

Causing officers to move away from the scene of the accident and block off the surrounding area along with coordinating the COVID response team and Ruamkatanyu Foundation specialist team to come and recover the body of the deceased ready to inject disinfectant on the spot Packed in three layers of tightly zipped bags.

When inquiring about Mr. Banchai, the deceased’s father, who was a security guard on duty with the deceased, said the son was usually a strong man and worked diligently. I have no congenital disease

Before coming to see a dead body late at night by telling himself he couldn’t do it anymore I felt cold, like I had a fever, so I lay down and went to sleep in the fort. Nothing impressed me. until the morning came again to call his son. but he found that the ice was dead So hurry and inform the staff to check.

Initially, after inspecting the scene of the crime and questioning the security guards who were on duty together and delivered the body of the deceased to the post-mortem Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodin Hospital Samut Prakan Province before taking further legal action.

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