covid isolation period after positive test: In Qatar, covid sufferers can now spend up to seven days in isolation.

Doha: The Ministry of Health has decided to reduce the period of compulsory isolation of Kovid victims in Qatar. The new isolation period is seven days. Earlier it was 10 days but now it has been reduced to seven. Medical leave has also been reduced from 10 to seven days. The ministry said that a Kovid test conducted by a recognized medical institute would give a positive result and the status of the Ihtiras app would turn red and he would be eligible for a seven-day sick leave.

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Rapid antigen test should be done on the seventh day

The isolation period was shortened when it was found that the majority of Kovid positives were cured within seven days. Moreover, it has been found that the risk of transmitting the disease from them is very low. However, on the seventh day after they are positive, they should have a rapid antigen test from any accredited medical institution. If it is negative, the green status of the Ihtiras app will return. They can attend work from the eighth day.

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Isolation for three more days if the result is positive

However, if the antigen test result is positive, the isolation should be continued for three more days. After that it can be released without testing. They will be allowed sick leave for the remaining three days. On the eleventh day they may attend work. Those who test positive for the antigen will not be allowed to leave for another seven days, officials said. At the same time, the Ministry of Health has made it clear that those who end their isolation must adhere to the usual Kovid restrictions.

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Another 2,748 people were diagnosed with Kovid


Meanwhile, another 2,748 people in Qatar were confirmed by Kovid consciousness on Monday. Of these, 2,297 were infected through contact. There are 451 passengers. This brings the number of active cowid cases to 36,293. Two people died of Kovid infection yesterday. This brings the death toll in the country to 636. Last day, 4,083 people were cured of the disease. Kovid has already vaccinated 5,621,332 people in the country. The health ministry said 642,417 people had been given booster doses. Meanwhile, authorities said they had taken legal action against more than 600 people for violating Kovid norms in the country yesterday.



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