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COVID-LOCK DOWN Traction for new registration in the year 63 Hoping for the vaccine to grow this year 66,000 cases

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Department of Business Development Revealing the top of the new company in December In 2020, there are 3,287 cases, and the liquidation has 6,013, the highest number of cases in the year because they do not want to have an obligation to book the following year Affected by COVID-19, said the whole year 2020, a total of 63,340 resettlement, 11% reduction from COVID-19 poisoning, the lockdown is expected in the year 64 to recover, targeting 64,000-66,000 cases from economic factors. – Covid vaccine comes to the rescue

Thossapon Tansubut, Director-General of the Department of Business Development revealed that business registration in December 2020, there were 3,287 business operators applying for the establishment of new partnerships nationwide, compared to November 2020, down 27% and month. December 2019 increased 4% with registered capital of 27,587 million baht, compared to November 2020, increased 77% compared to December 2019, increased by 29%, with the top 3 newly established businesses, namely general building construction businesses. Real estate business And food service business in restaurants and restaurants

As for business liquidation, 6,013 companies, compared to November 2020, increased 145% compared to December 2019, an increase of 6%, with registered capital of 16,726 million baht compared with November 2020, a decrease of 14% compared to December 2019, a decrease of 23% and businesses The top 3 most discontinued were general building construction businesses Real estate business And restaurant business

“There are fewer new registrations in December 2020. It is normal for new business registration at the end of the year. That new peaks tend to decline Because entrepreneurs do not want to make accounting and submit financial statements for the fiscal year 2020 and expects new registration Will begin to improve from January 2021 onwards, the number of the most stopping in that year. Because want to complete the accounting within the fiscal year Do not want to be a burden in the next year And still found COVID-19 Causing postponement during the year And to write down in the last month of the year instead “

Thosapol said for the total number of new business establishments in 2020 (Jan. In the target that the department It has estimated that the total number of new registrations in 2020 will be 63,000-64,000 due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Causing the closure of the country and the closure of the city During March – July 2020 Entrepreneurs delay doing business. With a total registered capital of 235,272 million baht, a decrease of 28%. The top 3 most newly established businesses are general building construction. Real estate business And the business of transporting and loading and unloading goods, including passengers While the amount of liquidation in 2020 amounted to 20,920, down 5% while the amount of liquidation in 2020 was 20,920 down 5%

In the year 2021, the Department has set new business registration goals at 64,000-66,000 cases because many parties have assessed the Thai economy this year Will expand Causing more investment in business The trade war problem between the US and China has improved. And began to have the COVID-19 vaccine Making the situation of life begin to return to normal Resulting in the global trade economy recovering But still need to be aware of COVID-19. New epidemic Which had to wait and see what the situation would be like But believe that the government will take care of it

Recently, there are 769,208 businesses operating (as of December 31, 2020) with a capital value of 19.17 trillion baht, separated into a limited partnership. Ordinary partnerships 187,015 persons, representing 24.31%, limited companies with 580,911 persons, accounting for 75.52% and public limited companies, 1,282 persons, or 0.17% respectively.

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