Covid Mahachai found 30 new patients, ordered the closure of Samut Sakhon Kindergarten School, spraying medicine after 2 children infected, 1 teacher

On December 1, 64 reporters reported that The situation of the number of people infected with COVID-19 by the Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office It said there were 30 new cases, 12 in the province, 18 outside the province, no deaths, 376 under hospital treatment, 33 have been recovered and under surveillance. Observed the symptoms of 86 cases. As for the latest vaccination, 1,156 doses were administered, which was the first dose of 892 doses, the second dose of 250 doses and the third dose of 14 doses, representing a total cumulative total of 1,657,081 injections. dosage

Reporters reported that On the same evening (1 Dec.) at Samut Sakhon Kindergarten, Mahachai Subdistrict, Mr. Wuttichai Suriyasunthorn, Director of Samut Sakhon Kindergarten School Has issued an order to close schools for two days to clean up in hopes of destroying the coronavirus after it was found that two students were infected and one teacher was infected. Along with the director together to bring the officers in to clean by spraying disinfectants at this school.

By Mr. Chumphon, Mayor of Nakhon Mahachai, said that when he received the news from the coordination of the school, he sent a team to spray to destroy the pathogen initially.
In addition, there will be a joint approach with the school in managing the cleaning of the area twice. In addition, on Monday, Doya will have to check ATK again for further safety.

“In the past, since before the school opened, I knew that The school has always followed the measures of the province. Both have students check ATK and wear masks while inside. including allowing personnel to vaccinate until they pass the standard However, this is certain that This will definitely prevent a widespread epidemic and be able to continue opening normally.”


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