Home Business Covid poisoning hits IEAT reduces target of land sales in the industrial estate to 1,200 rai

Covid poisoning hits IEAT reduces target of land sales in the industrial estate to 1,200 rai

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29 May 2021 Mr. Weerit Amrapal, Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) discloses the investment situation in the industrial estate. And the action plan of the IEAT That assessing the economic situation and overall investment of Thailand and around the world passed the lowest point and began to recover Especially the economy that began to recover from vaccination, trade, investment, consumption began to return. Improved economic indicators. Now, the spread of the COVID-19 vaccine. It is an important condition for the country’s recovery. Even though time is a dust Or adjustments in various processes But I believe that it will not be long. And after this it will improve and the economy will definitely grow back.

“Even though the Thai economy is starting to improve But in the field of investment Requires negotiation Actual landings Which situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 A major obstacle The online approach is mainly required. The IEAT decided to reduce the 2020 budget sales / lease target to 1,200 rai from the target of 1,500 rai, which during the 7 months of the fiscal year could make sales / rent. Then over 700 rai, “said Mr. Viris.

However, the effects of COVID-19 Causing the investment situation in the whole world to change The IEAT has prepared to adjust the process both in front of the house and the back of the house of the IEAT as well. Will see the change as soon as each side The home page will accelerate discussions with the capital agencies of various countries. Investors Discuss Including studying ways to stimulate investment that are more attractive Will discuss with the investment agency, the Office of the Board of Investment (BOI), to consider adjusting the investment benefits in the industrial estate to be more attractive. Previously reduced benefits in some industries Because the meat is fragrant But now the situation has changed. Thailand’s competitors, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, have all set out benefits that will create a unique advantage in areas that attract investment. Thailand should make a big adjustment as well.

Mr. Weerit said that for adjusting the backyard, it will increase the potential of the IEAT employees Plan a workforce to support approximately 20% retirement over the next 5 years. At the same time, a dedicated team will be set up to select potential employees to study for organizational development pathways. Increase the income channel Which may use a joint investment method Or set up a subsidiary Do not focus on hiring private companies as in the past. But need to study for a while Like industrial water management business Which suffer from drought every year Until affecting the production plan of the factory May enter into investment to produce water continuously As well as may set up a subsidiary to support the use of 5G technology in the industrial estate To serve customers, which are factories in the industrial estate The aforementioned approach will increase business opportunities. Generate additional income for the IEAT in the future.


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