Covid Restrictions in Saudi: Shopping in Saudi Arabia requires a distance of one and a half meters

Riyadh Saudi Arabia, First Published Dec 30, 2021, 5:26 PM IST

Riyadh: As the spread of covid intensifies, mask identification and social distance have been made mandatory across businesses across the country.

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has asked customers to keep a physical distance of one and a half meters when arriving at shops. From today (Thursday), wearing masks and keeping social distance will be mandatory in shopping malls and other establishments. Restrictions apply to malls, malls and commercial establishments across the country.

Mask and social distance were once again made mandatory in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Masks and social distancing have been re-enforced in all parts of Saudi Arabia. Earlier, the country had announced exemptions for wearing masks. However, the official announcement is that from December 30, 2021, mass and social distance will be mandatory in both indoor and outdoor areas of the country (indoor and outdoor).

The new rules will take effect from 7 a.m. Thursday. Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry officials have been quoted in the news agency as saying that the country’s increasing number of Kovid cases and new variants of the Kovid virus are being reported. The Kovid regulations in force in the country will be constantly reviewed in the light of local and international conditions, the official said.

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