Covid today, around the world, a total of 6.6 million deaths. Dr. Thira expects Thailand to be infected with 1.5 ten thousand / day.

(November 15, 2022) Professor Dr. Thira Worathanarat’s Association or Doctor Thira Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine Facebook Post Issues “COVID-19“Update position”covid todayfrom around the world and the situation in Thailand There is an upward trend from seeing the announcement about the number of patients who need to go to hospital last week.

Yesterday, worldwide, there were 134,206 more infections, 503 more deaths, a total of 640,493,594 people, and a total of 6,616,130 deaths.

The top 5 most infected with COVID are

  1. Japan
  2. South Korea
  3. Taiwan
  4. United States of America
  5. France

Yesterday, in the number of new infections, countries from Europe and Asia occupied seven of the top 10 and 14 of the top 20 globally.

The daily number of new infections worldwide is now coming from Asia and Europe. together representing 86.14 percent of the entire world, while the number of deaths accounted for 90.45 percent

Update information about COVID-19

“Even if he has been infected before There is a chance of re-infection.”

Kahn F et al from Sweden Published in medRxiv yesterday, the study included a population of 71,592 adults, most of whom were healthcare professionals.

People who were infected with COVID-19 were found to be previous species Omicron and those previously infected with Omicron BA.1 subspecies were unable to prevent re-infection.

Although people who were previously infected with the Omicron strain, if it was BA.2, it could reduce the chance of re-infection by about 85%, and people who were infected during BA could. 5 reduce the chance of re-infection by about 85% 66% However, the protective effect is greatly reduced after 5-6 months from the start of the infection.

The results of this study reinforce our awareness of the importance of being careful in our everyday lives. Protect yourself regularly. Even if you’ve been infected before An infection doesn’t end with chills, illness or death, but there’s also a risk of long-term effects such as Long COVID from all infections.

“Over 90% of people first infected by the Omicron strain are symptomatic.”

Doll MK and a team from the US The results will be published in medRxiv on 14 November 2022.

The study was conducted in a population aged 30-64 who had never been infected before. healthy 274 people who had never been vaccinated before were visited between June 2021 and September 2022 for a period of 48 weeks.

Of the people infected during the Omicron outbreak, 93.3% were symptomatic infections. Although people who are infected duringdelta Everyone got sick. It can be seen that asymptomatic infection is not very likely to occur.

The results of this study show us the importance of behaving.

If anyone has symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, muscle pain COVID-19 needs to be kept in mind at all times.Check ATK and separated from others Prevent spread to others, at home, at work and in the community.

meanwhile people in society can observe people we meet in everyday life. If you have the above symptoms you should avoid being in close contact shorten meeting time Keep a distance from sick people. and protect the sample properly

“Pregnant women infected with COVID-19 can cause inflammation of the placenta and its association with stillbirth.”

Schwartz DA et al., USA. The paper was published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology last October.

A study of placental pathologies in pregnant women with stillbirth.

suggests a hypothesis of pathological mechanisms to occur in the placenta in which ifinfected with COVID-19 The virus then spreads into the bloodstream and into the placenta, infecting the cells. Syncytiotrophoblast and cause inflammation in the placenta This mechanism is thought to be associated with stillbirth problems.

related news

– “Covid Today”, the Chonburi Provincial Health Office reports on the COVID-19 situation during 6-12 November 2022.

– Total number of COVID-19 for the week, 3,166 new infections, 42 more deaths.

– Keep an eye on COVID “Deltacron XBC”, a hybrid between the strains Delta – Omicron BA.2

The situation in Thailand now Many people know that there are more and more infections around. According to official reports, the number of patients in hospital during the last week has continued to rise. I personally estimate that the number of new infections is at least 15,077 people per day.

Therefore, one should live with carelessness. Minimize and avoid risky behaviours, crowded places, poor ventilation Wear a mask properly during work, study or travel It will greatly reduce the risk. Health awareness is very important. and determines the risk of each individual family

CR: Facebook Dr. Teera

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