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COVID Today, May 31, Worldwide Infected by 171 Million, Ho Chi Minh Plays Concentration in 15 Days, Meets New Cluster

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COVID Today, May 31, until 9:00 a.m. Worldwide, 171,018,900 cases of COVID-19 have recovered, 153,111,643 and the cumulative total of deaths is 3,556,583.

Worldometer Which is a website for reporting COVID-19 data The latest figures gathered from public health agencies around the world show that the US has accumulated 34,043,068 COVID-19 cases and 609,544 cumulative deaths, making it the number one in the world in terms of COVID-19 cases. 19 And the deceased

On the Indian side, which is a country with COVID-19 cases. The second highest in the world, with 28,046,957 cases of infection in the past 24 hours, followed by Brazil at 16,515,120, France 5,666,113, Turkey 5,242,911, Russia 5,063,442, the UK, 4,484,056, Italy 4,216,003, Argentina 3,753,609 and Germany 3,687,715.

In addition, Spain and Colombia are the other two countries with cumulative total number of infected more than 3 million cases, 3,668,658 and 3,383,279 respectively.

COVID Today 31 May

For the situation in ASEAN Indonesia’s health ministry said 6,115 people have been infected with the virus in the past 24 hours, bringing the cumulative number of cases to 1,816,041, the highest number. In Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN)

As for the deceased From the coronavirus infection With 142 new cases, the total number of deaths is 50,404, which is also the highest in ASEAN.

The Philippine Ministry of Health reported 1,223,627 cases of COVID today, an increase of 7,058, with the deaths of COVID-19 infection. There are 139 new cases, bringing the latest cumulative death to 20,860.

COVID Today 31 May

The Vietnamese government said Ho Chi Minh City is planning to implement 15 days of social spacing measures starting today (May 31) to block the spread of COVID – 19

Vietnamese government says Ho Chi Minh City has found COVID-19 infection. Increased from religious activities. At least 125 people with positive test results were found, making it the largest group of cases in the city.

“Events with 10 or more people in public venues will be suspended throughout the city, however Ho Chi Minh City will consider a maximum of five participants.”

While the Kovap region It is the site of the Christian Revival Ekklesia Mission. Measures will be implemented to prevent COVID-19. Fully The public will not be allowed to leave the accommodation. If there is no need

Earlier on Friday (May 28), Ho Chi Minh City shut down shops, restaurants and services and a temporary ban on religious activities until further notice. By requesting cooperation for people aged 60 or over to live in their residences

COVID Today 31 May

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