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COVID: Trump breaks vaccination plans Give the people of the White House first

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COVID: Trump – Dec 14, the BBC reported. President Donald Trump U.S. leader Back plans for White House officials to receive the 2019 coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19) in the coming days.

Contrary to what the staff previously stated that A senior member of the Trump administration will be the first to get a vaccine. Pfizer and Bion Tech Nationality pharmaceutical company American and German Respectively

But President Trump asked to modify the plan.


When will Trump get the vaccine??

Officials told several media outlets on Sunday that Some of the first vaccines will be backed up to workers close to President Trump. The vaccination plan was first disclosed by the newspaper. New York Times And this has been confirmed by a spokesman for the US National Security Council. One of the goals of this program is to build public confidence in vaccines.

“Americans should be as confident as having the same safe and effective vaccines as senior US government officials, as recommended by public health experts and national security leaders,” said John Ullyott, spokesman for the National Security Council. Said the US national.

But President Trump pointed out that The senior officials will now have to wait a little longer.

“White House workers should be vaccinated later in the program unless specifically needed. Let me adjust this plan, ”tweeted President Trump. Who had been sick with COVID-19 In October and fully recovered after hospitalization.

President Trump has said he has not yet been scheduled to receive his own vaccines. But will wait at the right time

The move came after news on Sunday said. White House officials will be the first to get the vaccine, sparking criticism on social media. It is not clear why President Trump decided to change plans. Or will the plan affect government efforts to protect senior officials from the deadly virus?


The United States approves a vaccine that is 95 percent effective against COVID-19 for emergency use and is set to launch Monday. The first 3 hundred million vaccines were distributed. According to locations in all 50 states across the U.S., the first shipment left the Michigan facility on Sunday. Health workers and elderly people in a line received their first vaccination.

The US has seen a sharp increase in deaths from the novel coronavirus since November. With the deaths around 24 hours ago Smashed the world record again at 3,309

Vaccine launch marks a turning point for COVID-19 outbreaks. Which kills nearly 300,000 people in the United States

The US Food and Drug Administration said. The emergency vaccine approval, announced on Friday, Dec. 11, is a milestone in the pandemic. After coming under intense pressure from the Trump administration to approve vaccinations.

The Pfizer vaccine is now being injected in the UK. It has been regulated in Canada, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, with the US Pfizer agreed to supply 100 million doses of the vaccine by March next year. Moderna and Institute of Public Health Another vaccine developer to prevent COVID-19 It will provide its own second vaccine 200 million doses, but it is pending US approval.

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