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Covids in Chiang Mai accumulated 116 deaths, fewer family infections Siam Rath

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Covid-19 situation Chiang Mai Province is better It was found that the infection in the family was greatly improved. From measures to control the Red Zone area and measures including ATK testing that makes it possible to bring infected people into the treatment process quickly.

Today (24 Nov. 21) Dr. Songyot Khamchai, Head of the Communicable Disease Control Group Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office Reveal the situation of COVID-19 Chiang Mai province daily said 258 new cases were infected, of which only seven had traveled from the provinces, with the rest being those in the province. The clusters consisted of 37 new clusters and 37 ongoing outbreaks, including 10 Central Airport Plaza department store clusters, which, according to an investigation into the disease, were linked to one Expro event and spread. To many shops, new cluster, construction camp beside Full Moon Hotel. San Phi Suea Subdistrict, Mueang District, 7 cases in the outbreak of migrant workers, Cluster Camp for the construction of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Stadium, Mae Rim District 3 cases, new recruiting cluster at Kawila Camp 8 cases, migrant labor dormitory cluster near Wat Tha Paper, Fa Subdistrict Three Ham, the rest is a small cluster, with 1-2 new cases per cluster.

Detection from high-risk groups during quarantine proactive inspection and tracking of the original cluster touch Found 34 new cases, namely, Mueang Mai Market Cluster 17, Hang Dong Hospital Male Patient Building Cluster 3, Igistech Co., Ltd. Cluster, Moo 4, On Tai Subdistrict, San Kamphaeng District 3 cases, Talat Mae Cluster Jo Bazaar, Fa Ham Sub-district, 2 cases, VL Academy cluster, 2 Wachiralai School football team and other clusters found 1-2 cases per cluster, which still need to be monitored and continue to control the disease in order not to increased spread

family group cluster Today, 12 new cases were found, with 4 cases found in Moo 9, Sop Tia Subdistrict, Chom Thong District, with the rest spread in Muang District, Chom Thong District and Mae Taeng District, 1-4 cases per family. a lot As for the infected people from contact with the previous infected person. Still found 84 more infected people spread in many districts. The quarantine was followed for high-risk people who had a negative initial test result. The top five districts with the most outbreaks were Mueang Chiang Mai District 100, 64 in Chiang Mai Municipality, 22 in Mae Rim District, 17 in Hang Dong District, 16 in Saraphi District and 13 in Doi Saket District.

From the analysis of the situation of Chiang Mai Province The Office of Disease Prevention and Control 1 Chiang Mai (Sor. Kor. 1 Chiang Mai) found that if in this area, Chiang Mai province cannot control the outbreak. The number of new infections at the end of November will skyrocket. But from measures to control the Red Zone area in Chiang Mai Municipality, 15 communities, including the closure of various risk areas, proactive ATK testing, the use of the COVID Free Setting standard, and promptly getting infected people for treatment The number of infected people in Chiang Mai is in good condition. And can control the number of infected people less than 270 daily, so emphasizes the people to fully cooperate in the prevention of disease. especially during this period Please refrain from gathering party food Risk activities and get vaccinated to immunize against COVID-19

For the two deaths today, the first one is a 93-year-old Thai man with congenital disease, namely high blood pressure. Hyperlipidemia, gout and bedridden patients risk factors for infection It is a family contact infection. and had never been vaccinated against COVID-19 before. On November 12, he started having symptoms of fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. On November 13, VHV tested RT-PCR and found he was infected with COVID-19. Treatment at Chom Thong Hospital Later symptoms did not improve. Sent to Chiang Mai Field Hospital for treatment. and Nakornping Hospital, respectively. On November 22, respiratory failure. and died at 10:24 p.m.

and the second case is a 22-year-old Burmese woman with congenital disease, namely autoimmune disease (SLE), renal failure and high blood pressure. The risk factors for infection are unclear and have never been vaccinated against COVID-19 before. On November 10, he started having symptoms of fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. RT-PCR tests revealed he was infected with COVID-19. Received treatment at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital on November 17, feeling more tired. found a leak in the lungs Had a ventilator on November 19, did not respond to treatment. Low blood oxygen, renal failure, acidic blood, until November 21, respiratory failure. and died at 11:15 p.m.

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