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Covids kill 55, 41 without vaccination, accounting for 75% of the total deaths.

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Most of the deaths were elderly people 60 years and over, chronic diseases accounted for 98%, the other 2% had no history of chronic disease. which is considered the highest risk group for infection Most of them are from acquaintances, family members who live in common areas. therefore asked to come out for vaccinations to reduce the severity The same is true for bedridden patients who currently have a continuing death toll. Which was infected by the caretaker today found up to 4 people who may have slack in protective measures Of the 1,529 patients with severe pneumonia and 358 were coma required to wear a ventilator, 5,857 new cases were found today, including 5,846 in Thailand, 11 from abroad. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration reported the highest daily infections at 734, with 13 deaths in the Bangkok area, while the total number of infections from prisons/detention centers was 228, with 7,318 recovered and 81,577 still being treated.

On November 24, 2021, at the Center for Covid-19 Situation Management (CDC), Dr. Sumani Watcharasin, Director of the Office of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Development, Department of Disease Control, reported the situation of infected patients. The latest number of COVID-19 cases is 5,857, of which 5,846 are infected in the country (separate from surveillance and health services, 5,349 from proactive community screening, 269 from prisons). 228 cases/detainees) and 11 more came from abroad, totaling 2,081,992 cases since the year 63

53 more deaths today, bringing the death toll to 20,544, 7,318 recoveries, totaling 1,979,871 recovered, 81,577 still in treatment, 41,226 in the Sanam Hospital/HI- 40,351 CI, of which 1,529 are critically ill, of which 358 are in critical condition requiring ventilator support.

As for the details of the deaths, a total of 55 deaths, 33 males, 22 females, aged 42-100, were in the area. Bangkok has the highest number of 6 cases, with a total of 18 deaths in the southern region. The risk factors that cause the severity of the disease and death are mostly elderly people over 60 years old and with congenital disease. High blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids, kidney disease, obesity, bedridden, which is a congenital disease that is a risk factor for increasing the severity of the disease. Of the 55 deaths, 41 were not vaccinated against COVID-19. Even one needle accounted for 75% of all deaths.

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