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CP Group delivers food to the hospital

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Monday, May 10, 2021, 8:20 a.m.

Police Hospital Field Hospital Accepting food supplies – drinks -CP network uses a portion of the budget.From the framework of a large project of 200 million according to the policy of the magnate Thanin Together with all affiliated companies to show the power of “CP Compose Good”, adhering to the corporate values ​​thatBe part of the mission toNationality

From the new wave of COVID-19 that spread sinceLast April Resulting inThe field hospital in many areas toTo accommodate the growing number of patientsContinuously, Charoen Pokphand Group With business groups and companiesThe affiliates have joined forces under the project “CP composed the mind Fight the threat of COVID-19 “in accordance with the policy of Mr. Thanin Chearavanont, the Group’s senior president, announcing the mission for the nation.Support a total budget of 200 million baht to support food, drinking water and communication toField hospitals in many areas Recently, Mr. Supachai Chearavanont, Chief Executive Officer of CP Group, thanked the doctors, nurses, police hospital. That is an outpost fighting withIn the outbreak of COVID-19 this time and has assigned representatives of the company.The affiliates are led by Mr. Worawit Jentanakul, Executive Director of Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc. Or CPF, Mr. Pornthep Chearavanont, Assistant Managing Director of Chia Tai Company Limited. Co) True Corporation Plc. Ms. Rujanat Wimon Sathit Executive Vice President CP All Group’s Corporate Relations and that Lieutenant Colonel Porntipa Ruangchang, Senior Expert of CP All Plc. Delivering consumables, ready-to-eat food And facilitates electronic communication systemsInternet, including anti-proliferation solutionGrowth of the virus (i-Sol Tech) from Chia Tai toPolice Hospital and Field HospitalOf Police Hospital, with Maj. Gen. Pornchai Sutirakun, M.D. (Sorob 8), Police Hospital, and Pol. Maj. Gen. Watcharin Phiphobmongkol, M.D. (Sor. Sor. 7), Police Hospital Is the recipient on the 2nd floor of the Maha Bhumibol Rachanusorn Building Police hospital

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Mr. Worawit Jentanakul, Executive Director of Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc. Or CPF, as the representative of the CP Group, said that Setting up missionField hospital to helpBy alleviating the suffering ofSharp and splitThe burden of the main hospital is considered aMission goals for the nationAbsolutely necessary in the situationNew wave of epidemic Charoen Pokphand Group With business groups and companiesAffiliated with executives and employees of CPEveryone wants to be a part.In the CP project Fight against COVID-19 Which is one of the missions “CP for Good Deeds” at Charoen Pokphand Group and all groupsAffiliated businesses have participated in the showDignity and pride as an organizationAdhering to 6 Values ​​and Joining Strength for Love Unity sends encouragement to SamThe Thai society has gone through this crisis together.

CP Group, along with all business groups and employeesAll of our work, please send my message toBand to all doctors, nurses and medical personnel whoDedicated, performing as wellThe next step in dealing with the Cowi crisisMD-19 including encouraging patients to criticizeEvery infection that has been treatedPeople by CP Group as a private sector thatAlongside Thai society for 100 years, ready to mobilize energy from all groupsAffiliated businesses give full suppliesHaving physical strength and spiritual energy to support BhargiField hospital that is regarded as a parakiFor the nation to accomplishAnd thank you to the personnel for performingDuties in every field hospitalOf places that have sacrificed social care in the simpleThis Krit “said Mr. Worawit.

Mr. Manat Manawutvej, President (Co), True Corporation Plc. Said that True Group accelerates the potential of infrastructureAs digital telecommunication base and dayTechnology Facilitating doctors, nurses, staff and patients infected with COVID-19. To communicate with each otherTo be smooth and uninterrupted by delivering a True 5G intelligent robot “Temi” that can take care of patients from a distance. Both to monitor symptoms and provideTreatment advice Reduce exposure and the risk of infection.Making it possible to take care of patientsEven more Including the installation of fiber interfacesInternet and WiFi spreads in the building, as well as a True SMART 4G Adventure (Walkie Talkie) with a True Move SIM H Prepaid For medical personnel to useFree calls and data for 1 year and increase relaxation with TrueVisions NOW service, watch 24 popular channels from TrueVisions immediately.Via smartphone On the TrueID application By providing free viewing codes to patients, it also opens a dedicated call center 02-700-9022 to maintain network and services.Being in the hospital closely Reinforce the commitment of the True Group Desired side by sideThai people and Thailand To overcome the COVID-19 crisis together

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Pol.Lt. Gen. Watcharin Phiphobmongkol, MD (SorBor. 7) of the Police Hospital, said that he would like to thank CP Group for supportingSupply of 3 meals and drinks And support the communication system withEfficiency for a giftMind for those who perform their dutiesMedical treatment in this COVID-19 situation by the police hospital is treating people.Sick with COVID-19 Both in the part of the hospital afterAnd the opening of a field hospital in the areaAt the police hospital parallel toIn accordance with the policy of Gen. PrayuThajan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Maj. Gen. Suwat Jangyodsuk, Commander of the Royal Thai Police Who thought that he had to support his wifeMon of the nation help allPolice and people withAkovid-19, in which the situation is still thereHe was sent to receive treatment.Continuously, resulting in doctors Medical personnel And the officers had to cope and plyThe duties are switched 24 hours a day.Citizen cards do not fall Take care of yourself to be strict, both wearingMask wash your hands with soap. Avoid traveling to the place.Unnecessary public This will benefit everyone whoWill not be at risk of infection And also to help shareLighten the burden of the medical systemAnd public health

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