“CP Group” is leading the group of businesses worldwide to organize the CP Symposium 2022

November 9, 2022 – Charoen Pokphand Group (CP) held an academic conference “Charoen Pokphand Group 2022“or CP Symposium 2022 Under the concept “Creating Science and Sustainability for the New Century – Creating Technology and Sustainability for Our New Century” held between November 9-11, 2022 in the first hybrid event with live broadcast through an online system for companies inCP Groupworldwide to drive the organization in line with the vision of the Senior President of the CP Group Thanin Chearavanont The focus is on human development by supporting Charoen Pokphand Group employees in all business groups worldwide. join to exchange information and create a network of academic collaboration in all sectors to contribute to creating a rich society through 4 main themes in the fields of life sciences, engineering, IT and digital technology. including sustainability that will benefit the nation, the people andEnterprise for the age 5.0

In this regard, he was honored by Mr Thanin Chearavanont, Senior President of the Charoen Pokphand Group. Join the online event with Mr.Supakit Chearavanont Group Chairman Charoen Pokphand presided over the opening ceremony Ark of Taolanon senior vice president of the Charoen Pokphand Group is the opening speaker and Mr Thanin Buranamanit, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bua Ban Innovation Expo and Charoen Pokphand Academic Conference 2022, spoke on the objectives of the event. including the chairman of the 4 academic conferences, Miss Sujin Thammasat and Mrs. Patanee Lek Srisampong Academic Chair in Life Sciences, Mr. Wiset Wisitwinyu, Chair of the Engineering Conference, Dr Jane Sriwattanathamma Chair of the Academic Conference on IT and Digital Technology Ms. Patcharee Kongtrakultien chairman of the academic conference Sustainability And CP Group executives and employees attended the event at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre, BITEC, and more than 8,000 employees in the Group attended the opening ceremony in 13 countries around the world.

In this event, there will be special lectures by leading experts from the country to share knowledge and exchange academic experiences. to spark inspiring ideas and improve future trends, for a total of 14 people, such as “Unlocking the ways of B.Grimm founded in 1878 Leading an organization across centuries” byDr. Harald’s link Chairman of the Board of Directors B. Grimm “Barriers to Innovation: Key obstacles preventing innovation developments” by Professor Assoc. Dr Chor Wapol Jariyawirot, Managing Director, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “Quantum Computing and Data Analytics for Agriculture” by Dr. Jirawat Tangpanithanon CEO of the Quantum Technology Institute of Thailand (QTFT) added “the direction of Thailand’s development through research” by Professor Dr. Chukit Limpichamnong, Director of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Army with high-level executives of groups diverse business in the group that joined the stage

Dr.  Arch Taolanon, Senior Vice President of Charoen Pokphand Group

Ark of Taolanon senior vice president Charoen Pokphand Group revealed that CP Symposium 2022 is important to CP Group’s business operations. Due to the operation of the CP Group’s business from the beginning in the middle of the river and downstream including the cultivation of field crops Cultivation technology is required. quality animal feed production Breeding and farming factory processing to food sold to consumers Therefore the CP Group and its subsidiaries need to rely on advanced knowledge in technology, innovation and modern development in order to continue working to be more efficient all the time. and ready to be an academic leader in such matters in order to expand the business to grow sustainably.

Therefore, this academic conference is considered a synergy of academic and research efforts in the life sciences, engineering, IT and digital technology. including sustainability Exchange information about CP employees in all business groups worldwide. At the same time, it also creates a network of academic collaboration in all sectors in order to improve the knowledge gained. Develop and continue to work until the most innovative innovation.

“The Group’s academic and research development It is a practice that is truly consistent with the 6 corporate values ​​of the CP Group. Because a business has to accept changes that happen all the time. There must always be something new to innovate. Ready to do difficult things easily and they must be done quickly and with quality on the basis of doing business that adheres to the principles of integrity and honesty in creating technology and innovations that benefit the nation, the people and the organization in in accordance with the philosophy of the 3 advantages of Grŵp CP Most importantly, we must keep up with the changing trends in the modern world. CP Group employees need to develop their potential to keep up with the changes in the world all the time. to prepare to transform into an innovative organization in the future,” said Dr. Arch.

Thanin Buranamanit Mr

Mr. sideTannin Buranamanit Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bua Ban Innovation Expo and Academic Conference Charoen Pokphand Group 2022, CP Symposium 2022 has been held every two years since 2009, starting from the first time as an engineering conference. This year is the biggest event in the history of CP Group as it marks 100 years of business in order to transfer knowledge and exchange experiences in 4 main areas: life sciences, engineering, IT and digital technology. and sustainability

The purpose of the event is

  • 1. Support the exchange of academic information and technological progress within the group. through academic presentations from different business groups of CP Group, including 156 projects from CP Group companies in more than 6 countries around the world Which is considered the biggest presentation of the work ever organized.
  • 2. Promote the use of academic works to bring benefits to a wide range This time, we have organized the event in a Hybrid format for the first time, which is transmitted through the Online Platform to all CP employees worldwide. So, there are translations in Thai, English, Chinese, so you can watch anywhere, anytime. and will be open to view later It is a new dimension for the group in the transfer of information without borders. in order to bring these works to the widest extent and
  • 3. Creating learning, perspective and progress from experts in various fields. who come to share their experiences, knowledge, update megatrends and build a network of collaboration from experts inside and outside the organization To create work and improve work better The content of this event is also to honor researchers and pioneers. the CP Group which is committed to inventing and developing technology and management processes that help create products and services to meet consumer needs as efficiently as possible

Dr.  Harald Link, Chairman of the Board, B.Grimm Group

whileDr. Harald’s link The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grŵp B.Grimm, a special speaker on the topic “Unlocking the ways of B.Grimm founded in 1878 Leading an organization across centuries”, expressed his congratulations for sharing his knowledge and experiences on B.Grimm’s business journey Over 140 years , it is one of the oldest companies in Thailand. By adhering to the philosophy of doing business with generosity which focuses on doing business for the benefit of society is the key.

Across the business, a leader must be a role model in management and must continually develop employees. B. Grimm emphasizes the concept of Brahma Vihara 4, along with conservation and coexistence with nature as the core of staff management, emphasizing responsibility for all stakeholder groups across the supply chain. Expand the business to grow sustainably in the areas of energy, industry, health, real estate, digital and lifestyle businesses.

“The CP Group is a private company which is a good example of running a business that is always up to date. And people’s skills are constantly being developed in terms of innovation and research. in accordance with the corporate values ​​for the benefit of the country as a priority This is a concept consistent with B. Grimm. To do business with love and a spirit that is ready to change the world for the better. Therefore, we are ready to collaborate with Grŵp CP and all sectors to create technology and innovation to create the greatest benefits for society and provide good things for our children in the future.”

Assoc, Prof. Dr.  Singh Inthachuto

Assoc, Prof. Dr. Singh Inthachuto The Head of the Research and Innovation Advisory Committee for the Sustainability Center (RISC), MQDC, while giving a special lecture on “Barriers to Innovation: Key barriers preventing innovation developments”, said that in order to achieve sustainable business growth, it is important that it is constant. develop and create new innovations, where new things must be created clearly. In particular, the world is facing a wide range of challenges such as climate change. This is a big deal that businesses around the world are accelerating to adapt their production and work processes. Therefore, innovation in business must be developed together with the concept of sustainability, known as Sustainability. or create sustainable innovations Because innovation is an opportunity to revive and grow a business. while sustainability is a way of salvation for all of us. and future opportunities Therefore, leaders must always drive innovation. Research was conducted and the work of pioneers was honored at the same time. This CP Group event focuses on academic innovation and research. Digital technology together with sustainability This reflects the commitment of the leadership to empower employees to develop skills and empower them to cope with challenges and keep up with global trends all the time.

The historic CP Symposium 2022, on the occasion of the CP Group’s 100th anniversary, is The academic work of different CP Group business groups has been presented, including 156 projects from CP Group companies in more than 6 countries around the world in 4 main field:

  • 1. Life Science (Life Science) 58 projects related to the use of biotechnology in plant and animal breeding Disease prevention and control and animal welfare through the farm management system and the development of safe and nutritious food to lead to integrated health care.
  • 2. Engineering (Engineering) 30 projects proposed to improve the production process. adopting new technology For example, robots are used in production to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of workers.
  • 3. IT and digital technology (IT and Digital) deals with the development of software that helps in work. including the use of Data Analytics, the use of AI Quantum Computing which will increase the ability to analyze data and
  • 4. Sustainability (Sustainability) 34 projects covering the social dimensions of the economy and the environment both looking after the stakeholders including risk management

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