CP Photon is aggressive

One of the big weapons of the Chinese automakers is the electric car (EV), because the Chinese automaker is considered one of the EVs. Although electric cars are still a twilight zone for Japanese car manufacturers.

in that part of the commercial vehicle market The Chinese car manufacturers that have entered our home market busy at the moment must give CP Foton Sales, an importer and distributor of trucks and buses under the brand “CP PHOTON”. Only in Thailand This is a joint venture between the Foton camp from China and the CP Group (Charoen Pokphand Group), all big in our economic circles.

“Krishna Settharangkun”, Managing Director of CP Foton Sales announced, “These days, the CP Foton brand is recognized as a modern commercial vehicle. Best in Class product quality, there are car models that cover all applications. fuel and electric trucks.”

“We are sincere in developing Thailand’s commercial vehicle market comprehensively. As well as the main strengths with excellent product standards being recognised. We are also speeding up the after-sales service and developing a network strong enough to meet the needs of car users across the country.”

Currently, there are dealers who have a complete maintenance service center. There are 23 service centers and 5 sub-branch service centers to support customer service based on the principle that CP Foton must have service centers and spare parts every 200 km distance. Including being able to perform off-site maintenance for customers Within and outside of business hours in a timely manner

For the plan to penetrate the commercial vehicle market this year, CP Foton is focusing on emphasizing its brand DNA, “The Future of Truck”, to be more prominent.

With the readiness of general positive factors such as the full opening of the country in China, the excitement of entrepreneurs who are interested in marketing green logistics using EV cars. or have knowledge, understanding and open mind to accept Chinese brand products Which actually has a very large production and export market covering Asia-Europe-America.

In the past, CP Foton has been well received by transport and construction operators in Thailand. There was verbalization in the group of car users. and broadening the base to gain more confidence in government auctions respectively

with features that meet the needs of drivers The concept is determined to introduce automotive innovations that can cope with fluctuations in business costs such as energy and maintenance costs. sustainable

In terms of products, during the last year, 4-wheel trucks did not stay on time. Aumark Flex has continuously increased the number of orders. For products in the large trucks and tractors group, the number of orders is still coming in.

In addition, in response to policies to stimulate the Thai-Chinese economy During the first quarter of this year, CP Foton imported the first batch of 270 high-quality Mixer trucks from its production base in Beijing.

With plans to import many more high quality commercial vehicles, both diesel engines and electric trucks, to enter the market this year!!!

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