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CP sends a statement, Suan Klang Nawat has said that he has helped covids 1,200 million

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18 July 2021 – 10:24

CP sent a letter of statement, Suan Klub Nawat, challenged to transfer 100 million to the Nawat project for Thai people. It has said that it has helped covids 1,200 million.

From the case of the famous presenter Nawat Israkraisil came out to go live via private Facebook. Update on symptoms of COVID-19 that now the symptoms are getting better and the crisis is over, but still need to give oxygen through the breathing tube ready to pop up the project Nawat for Thai people to help society In addition, it also leaves a message to Mr. Thanin Chearavanont, the rich man CP, that he wants the rich man to donate 100 million baht to the Nawat project for Thai people. to help those who are suffering from COVID-19 Until there was a heavy criticism in the online world.

Recently, Charoen Pokphand Group issued a statement Answered Nawat and said that the CP Group joined forces to help Thailand through the Covid-19 crisis. Taken in the billions Mobilize all affiliated companies to support food, drinking water, communication equipment medical equipment negative pressure tent ventilator It has helped more than 2,000 hospitals and vulnerable communities. also set up vaccination points outside the hospital More than 16 million masks have been distributed free of charge. Confident that all sectors join hands to help the nation through the crisis successfully.

“In a situation where Thailand is in a crisis Covid-19 outbreak Getting heavier every day. Today (17 July 64) infected people have passed ten thousand. And the number of deaths is over 141 and affects all people. all sectors in society This crisis belongs to the whole nation. The private sector is an equally affected part of Thai society. In such a difficult time Thailand must be strong All sectors must help each other fully. the doctor works hard We have seen generosity from all sectors.

News reports from the Charoen Pokphand Group revealed that the Charoen Pokphand Group I haven’t been calm for over a year and a half that the world and Thailand have to face the Covid-19 crisis. Charoen Pokphand Group or CP has joined forces with all affiliated companies since 2020 until the present. still striving Supporting the public health of Thailand as a front line in the fight against COVID-19 by providing food to alleviate the burden of doctors, nurses and medical personnel Until now, food, beverages, and other consumer goods have been provided.

including communication medical equipment for hospitals and more than 2,000 field hospitals. In addition, more than 16 million masks have been distributed to medical personnel continuously and also helped raise funds for the purchase of ventilators. Equipment for making infected rooms (Cohort Ward) for field hospitals and community hospitals However, Charoen Pokphand Group will continue its mission of CP Roi Riang Jai to fight the dangers of COVID. Until now, it is estimated that about 1,200 million baht has been spent to help alleviate suffering from the Covid-19 situation.

Charoen Pokphand Group is committed to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. with Thai people all over the country Ready to join forces with all sectors to help the country and the country’s economy get through the Covid situation. By believing that everyone can do good things for society according to their own way Everyone must help each other in order to take Thailand forward. escape this crisis together.”

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