CPALL insists on not selling a large amount of MAKRO shares, investing 1.1-1.2 billion baht in 2023 to expand branches in the country and abroad

Ms Jiraphan Thongtan, head of investor relations, CP All Public Company Limited (CPALL), disclosed that the company did not sell Big Lot shares of Siam Makro Public Company Limited (MAKRO) yesterday, 160 shares at an average price of 37.75 baht, with CPALL still holds the same share of 34.97% without any change.

In terms of the turnover direction in 2023, the company expects to continue growing. After the situation of the spread of the virus COVID-19 resolved in a direction that improves It is a supporting factor of economic activity returning to recovery. Although the number of foreign tourists has gradually increased gradually.

The company has set an investment budget for next year of around 11,000-12,000 million baht to expand 700 7-Eleven stores in the country, with an emphasis on redesigning different branches. to be more There is a car park to meet the needs of users. This will be an important strategy and factor that supports sales growth. At the same time, it also supports other plans. the Company in the future.

At the same time, the company intends to increase the number of branches abroad. By expanding at least 30 branches in Cambodia from more than 30 branches this year, while in Lao PDR, it is expected to start seeing branch expansion next year after this year following the situation in different areas closing, especially in terms of politics and the volatility of the kip currency

The company continues to focus on expanding sales channels for new products and services with O2O strategies, both online and offline platforms, which are on-demand delivery services. Be more suitable and meet customer needs too

“Although there are new players these days. and there are big players entering the market But we are not worried because we have a clear view that it is not just a convenience store. But a convenience store with ready-to-eat food is the point of differentiation. location of different branches Considered in an area that can create convenience for customers,” said Ms Jiraphan.

Regarding the turnover direction for the rest of the year 2022, the company expects to grow continuously. Due to the high season of tourism and also celebrating in various festivals that became more towards the end of the year Including the increasing number of tourists The whole year is expected to be no less than 10 million at the same time. also received additional support from the World Cup

The company still plans to open 700 stores this year after expanding 526 stores in the past nine months. This will help the distribution of Selen-Eleven stores to reach more customers.

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