CPF adheres to the One Health principle, focusing on animal welfare. Making food safe from farm to plate

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF places great importance on safe food production. Along with caring for animal welfare and the environment Building food safety and security for the good health of consumers Complying with international standards in line with sustainable production and use guidelines

Phayungsak Somyanonthanakul, Deputy Managing Director In terms of farm standards and customer requirements, CPF revealed that consumers are now concerned about food safety. and taking into account animal welfare before being used as food raw materials Including the one health principle (One Health) is “the health of people, animals and the environment” CPF, the leader in integrated agri-industrial and food business. Adhere to the principles of animal welfare Adopt the Five Animal Freedoms (Five Animal Freedoms), an international standard accepted by the world. adhere strictly to the principles of rearing farm animals, including broilers, layers, ducks, pigs and aquatic animals By taking care to prevent feelings of fear and stress. Keep the animals in a good environment grow properly Get enough food and water be able to display natural behavior independently Along with rearing animals in a closed house with efficient farm management with modern technology. ready to raise the level of disease prevention and control in accordance with international standards It has a positive effect on the growth and health of the animals. make meat safe

“CPF attaches great importance to food safety. and the production of safe food throughout the production chain Consumers can be sure that they are eating truly safe food. In particular, animal welfare is an important part of driving this commitment and the Company has implemented Welfare Outcome Measures (WOMs) in Thailand and abroad. to assess whether animals have received advanced animal welfare by focusing on the main factors the survival rate both growth rate loss rate carcass size and quality expression of natural behavior Higher welfare animals were associated with good physical, emotional and behavioral characteristics. Affects physical and mental health to provide safe and healthy food to consumers,” said Dr Phayungsak.

For broiler farms, the company has initiated the principle of animal welfare in broiler farming for more than 33 years since 1989 by raising cage-free broilers using closed air-conditioned house technology with Water evaporation or Evaporative Cooling System (EVAP: Evaporative Cooling System equipment) and automation are used as the first for an integrated broiler business. in the ASEAN region Help the chickens have a happy life. It also continues to use Smart Farm technology to help increase production efficiency and promote animal welfare in broiler farms. by installing a computerized system Automating data processing on the farm Helps manage farm management so that the chickens are in a good and suitable environment throughout the raising as well as nourishing the chickens to be mentally happy from the expression of natural behavior Supported the physical environment in the greenhouse. with a pecking ball and a bag of husks placed for the chickens to climb

In addition, innovative probiotics (Probiotics) are used in animal feed. Help balance in the chicken intestine. It reinforces natural immunity to keep the animals healthy and strong, including without the use of hormones to accelerate growth throughout the raising. Safe Chicken Production) England, Thai chicken has been accepted by consumers around the world . such as the European Union, the UK, South Korea and Japan, most recently, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. has already opened the market to receive broilers from Thailand

At the same time, the broiler business Chickens are raised 100% without beak cutting (No Cutting Cut) In addition, there are cage-free farms in closed houses as well. which arises in accordance with Biosecurity Hi-Tech Farming guidelines

As for the pig business, pig rearing is in accordance with the principles of 3’T (No Testicles, No Teeth Cutting and No Tail Trimming) in Thailand and abroad. The operation in the Republic of China (Taiwan) has canceled 100% of piglet cutting/crushing since 2019, while the operation in Thailand has canceled 69% of all piglet earlabe cuts.

for aquaculture business For example, shrimp breeding CPF uses innovative biotechnology to replace baby shrimp hatchery and nursery business. This allows the shrimp breeders to create and lay eggs naturally. without cutting the eye stalk (Non Eyestalk Female Ablation), etc.

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