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CPF continues to deliver food from the heart Supporting the lab coat warrior Phrae – Phichit Province to fight the COVID threat

by news dir

31 May 2021


Delivering ready-to-eat food, quality and safety Including being encouraged to perform the duties of the medical team Somdej Phra Yupparat Denchai Hospital, Bang Mun Nak Hospital, Phichit Province

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF alongside Thais in the Covid Crisis-19 Continued to deliver ready-to-eat food, quality and safety in the project “CPF food delivery from the heart Fight against COVID-19 “to reduce the burden of food preparation for healthcare workers. Including being an encouragement and expression of thanks for performing the duties of the medical team Somdej Phra Yupparat Den Chai Hospital, Phichit Province and Bang Mun Nak Hospital Phichit Province, according to the Charoen Pokphand Group policy

Dr. Kriengsak Thanasavanont (MD) Director of the Somdej Phra Yupparat Denchai Hospital, Den Chai District, Phichit Province, said that he thanked the private sector such as CPF for bringing ready-to-eat food to the doctors, nurses and staff of the Somdej Phra Yupparat Denchai Hospital. And all Tambon Health Promoting Hospitals As well as people with disabilities who work in hospitals Working together To prevent the spread of COVID-19 These foods help to lighten the burden and give morale to those involved in the fight against this outbreak.

Mr. Pattaraphon Hirirakwattanakit CPF’s assistant managing director, who brought CPF people volunteering together, delivered encouragement through various food menus to the hospital of Somdej Phra Yupparat Denchai, said CPF brought ready-to-eat food to the government personnel. physician To take part in reducing the burden of preparing food and putting valuable time to work to help patients with COVID to the fullest, the company would like to encourage all staff to go through this crisis as quickly as possible.

At the same time Dr. Jiraphan Sukkee Deputy Director of Bang Mun Nak Hospital, Bang Mun Nak District, Phichit, said the hospital must now adjust the facility and allocate staff to accommodate the COVID patients. Which the operating time must be increased as well It is the duty of the management to allocate sufficient food to the medical team, nurses and staff. Getting quality, clean and safe food from CPF can help ease the burden of food preparation. Especially the staff working late at night who had to turn around to take care of patients 24 hours a day. Thank you very much for the kindness given by the company this time.

part Mr. Kittikanchana CPF representatives said CPF was delighted to bring ready-to-eat meals to doctors, nurses and staff at Bang Mun Nak Hospital. Considered as a part of support for the operation It facilitates the reduction of meal preparation times and promotes good health. All of you have good physical strength. Fighting the COVID-19 outbreak To represent thanks and support for the work of the medical personnel of Bang Mun Nak Hospital

CPF as a leading food manufacturer Have followed measures to prevent COVID-19 With constant strictness As well as strict standards for quality and safety of food production throughout the chain. This ensures that food can be delivered to the people with adequate food safety in every crisis. Carry out a project “CPF delivers food from the heart. Continue to fight COVID-19 “from 2020 until now According to the policy of the Charoen Pokphand Group Under the scheme “CP composed the mind Fight against COVID-19 “from the first day … to today CP and CPF Group Provides millions of packs of ready-to-eat food for healthcare professionals and Thai people. Including millions of bottles of water and healthy drinks As well as fresh food ingredients and seasonings For cooking To the main hospital Field hospital Fragile group Vaccination center And more than 300 agencies nationwide To join together with Thai people through the COVID-19 crisis together. /


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