CPF delivers food to Chulalongkorn Hospital Serving as a medical personnel reserve against COVID-19

26 April: Mr. Prasit Boonduangprasert Chief Executive Officer of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF delivers food safety products to Asst. Prof. Yuvaree Pichitchoke, Deputy Director. Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society and Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Sitthiphan, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Chulalongkorn University under “CPF Food Delivery Project from the Heart” Join the fight against COVID-19 “to support the work of doctors Nurses and medical staff In the care of patients with COVID-19 As well as being encouraged In lieu of thanks for the sacrifice of the medical team at Sala Tin That, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society.

Mr. Prasit Boonduangprasert Chief Executive Officer of CPF stated that all medical personnel It is the one who is at risk. And they have to make a lot of sacrifices to help protect Thais from COVID while CPF has expertise in food. Therefore, we would like to be a part in reducing the mission of the medical team by delivering ready-to-eat food for everyone to be full, convenient, fast, time-saving and safe, and bring all Thais through this coronavirus crisis together

“Policy of the CPF – CPF Senior President Thanin Chearavanont fully supports the team of doctors and staff. Because the medical team is the sacrifice And let each business together to help For CPF itself Also has a food delivery project from the heart That we have always done Hopefully our assistance will help ease the burden of the hospital, ”said Prasit.

Assoc.Prof. Yuwaree Pichitchok, Deputy Director Chulalongkorn Hospital, the Thai Red Cross Society, said that thanks CPF for helping to lighten the tough mission of major hospitals with the number of patients increasing every day. Supporting clean and safe ready-to-eat meals for the medical team – nurses And staff Will help the team to have food to eat conveniently Do not waste time to buy. It helps to strengthen the body and give morale. Allowing everyone to perform the duty of caring for the sick and fighting the COVID virus to the fullest extent.

1,750 packs of ready-to-eat food products delivered to the Chulalongkorn Hospital of the Thai Red Cross Society include minced shrimp dumplings. Spicy Fried Chicken Rice Fish Sausage Fried Rice, Spicy Squid Rice and Spaghetti Carbonara Chicken Breast Chili Paste Rice Holy Basil Rice with Tender Chicken Breast Whole grain baked rice and chicken, etc.

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