CPF donates 60 tonnes of elephant food to support Year 2 project “Thai people love elephants” to help elephants across Thailand through the Covid-19 crisis

Saraburi – CPF continues to support “Thai People Love Elephants Project”, 2nd year, provided 60 tons of “Erawan elephant food” to the Thai Elephant Federation Association. composing the good deeds Providing quality food for elephants to fill their stomachs – creating good health Helping to save Thailand’s elephant crisis in the Covid-19 situation

Mr. Rewat Hathaisatayapong, Executive Vice President Livestock feed business, CPF revealed that CPF brings the company’s potential to be a leader in quality animal feed production. This means that animal farmers in Thailand and abroad accept and trust CPF feed. One of them is Erawan food. which is produced by Nong Khae land animal feed factory, Saraburi province.

By giving food to the elephants of Erawan E3, a large amount, a total of 60 tons or 60,000 kilograms, to Mr. Teeraphat Trangprakarn, President of the Thai Elephant Federation Association. as an assignee To be distributed to elephant camps and departments under the Livestock Development Department across the country. Helping to alleviate the problems of elephant camps and mahouts who have suffered from a lack of income During the Covid-19 Crisis causing the elephants to lack food Affecting the health of the body being weakened.

“The Covid-19 situation is not just affecting people around the world. Thai elephants are just as bad. Therefore, it became a cooperation in the Thai people’s love elephant project. For the second year in a row, CPF provided food supplements to Erawan’s elephants. for elephant herders who need supplementary food to maintain elephant health Especially thin elephants, sick elephants, and old elephants in the central, western, eastern and southern regions who have notified the need to the Thai Elephant Federation. to share meals to keep the elephants out of COVID-19,” Mr Rewat said.

Erawan’s food delivery is divided into 2 lots, with the first delivery on October 26 to be delivered to elephant camps in 15 provinces, namely Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Nakhon Pathom, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan , Chumphon, Ranong, Phang Nga, Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani and 3. southern border states It will be presented again on 9 November.

Mr Teeraphat Trangprakarn, president of the Thai Elephant Federation, said during the most difficult times elephant camps around the country and mahouts still need to take the best care of the elephants. Despite the problem of lack of income due to the situation of COVID-19 The epidemic has been spreading for more than 3 years, causing the problem of food shortage for elephants. But he must support the rise of the elephant to survive. Grass and pineapple stakes the cost is not very high. it became the main food of elephants Therefore, the health of the elephants also deteriorates. Some elephants became ill and became ill, including old elephants, newborn elephants, and young elephants with incomplete lactation.

Projects in the last year supported by CPF Make the elephants have quality food supplements. It has nutritious animal feed, including protein, vitamins, minerals, helping to alleviate the suffering greatly. Thank you CP and CPF who have always provided good support This allows Thai elephants and elephant herders to go through such a difficult time.

While Mr Prapanpong Maknuan, Deputy Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, True Group said that True Group supports the project. “Thai people love elephants” by bringing a True 5G smart network to support the communication system in the elephant rescue vehicle. This will send high-resolution images to help vets track the elephant’s condition. and provides immediate first aid advice (real time) via the monitoring camera in the vehicle. If sick elephants need to be returned or transported to different locations Get someone to look after an elephant or a mahout during the trip to the hospital. Helping to treat elephants more timely Including installing a tracking device to check the ambulance’s route, which will be displayed via 5G smartphones and computers.

“Thai People Love Elephants Project” in 2021 was a great success by Charoen Pokphand Group, together with CPF, CP All and True, transferring donations from the people through the project in an amount of 2,798,000 baht. PF donated elephant food to elephant camps across the country for a total of 2 years, a total of 120 tonnes. #CP Rak Chang and continue the project By inviting devotees and lovers of elephants to join “spending meals for elephants to get out of COVID-19”, you can contribute in two ways: 1. Tie a hairpin to elephants through TrueMoney Wallet – Recurring Donation: 1 baht, 5 baht, 10 baht each time, or 50 baht (cut off automatically every 28th of the month) and 2 donations of meals for elephants – one-time donation via TrueMoney Wallet or counter service or TRUE POINT by donating through TrueMove H, press *948*1303* 10 # and press call to Donate 10 baht or press * 948 * 1303 * 100 # and press call to donate 100 baht or you can transfer through Kasikorn (Savings) account, number account 092-1-98873-7, account name, Thai Elephant Federation Association for Thai people love elephants.Chiang Mai Airport Crossroads Branch from today until “Thai Chang Day” 13 March 2023

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