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CPF informed the SET If a COVID-infected person is found at Saraburi chicken processing plant

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31 May 2021, 4:01 PM.

Charoen Pokphand Foods Notification of the Stock Exchange of Thailand In case of encountering 391 people with COVID at the Saraburi chicken processing plant

On May 31, ’64, Mrs. Kob Boonsrichai, Secretary of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF, issued a notification to the Stock Exchange of Thailand or SET regarding the Company’s operations. If a person infected with COVID-19 is found In the Saraburi chicken processing plant, CPF places the highest priority on the health and safety of employees. And cooperated with the government to proactively investigate the detection of COVID-19 cases. At the Saraburi Chicken Processing Plant of CPF (Thailand) or CPFTH, a subsidiary of the Company After the proactive examination The company was confirmed as of May 30, ’64, 391 employees infected with COVID-19 were detected.

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1. Employee side

Screening all employees And send infected people to receive treatment Separate high-risk persons to quarantine at a public health facility for 14 days, with two confirmed disease examinations, while low-risk individuals are to be quarantined at home, observing symptoms throughout the 14-day period as well as strictly following public health measures For the safety of employees’ health

In this regard, an infected employee is a worker who does not have direct contact with food products. And while performing their duties, everyone will wear a uniform Face mask And a cloth to cover his nose completely Which greatly reduces the chance of transmission of the infection

2. Location

Immediately stop operations in infected areas for 5 days and clean up Big Cleaning with disinfectant spray immediately. In accordance with the measure of Public Health in order to limit pathogens that may contaminate the factory environment And must be examined in the laboratory that it is free from germs As well as to screen employees with negative COVID-19 results into their work With sterile production facilities and processes and disease-free workers Making the production process continue safely

The company has raised the highest standards of hygiene. To take care of the safety of employees and their families. Including factory products fully This slaughter plant has a capacity of not more than 10% of the Group’s total broiler production capacity. By other factories Continues to produce food continuously Under the preventive measures of the Ministry of Public Health strictly. With awareness of the safety of employees and their families and of all products

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