CPI(M) Stresses Dress as Democratic Right Amidst Controversy

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Kannur: In response to K Anilkumar’s comments, CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan emphasized that dressing is a fundamental freedom and democratic right of every individual, as enshrined in the Constitution. Anilkumar had raised concerns about the attire of Muslim women, particularly the issue of hijab. The party’s stance on such matters has consistently been in opposition to the court’s view that the way women or ordinary citizens choose to dress is a problem to be regulated.

Dress code is a democratic right protected by the Constitution, a position that has been affirmed by both the party’s all India leadership and the state leadership. Govindan firmly stated that there is no need for anyone to dictate what should or should not be included in an individual’s dress code, as this decision rests solely with the individual themselves.

Citing the party’s standpoint, Govindan made it clear that Anilkumar’s comment differs from the official position, and that no such remarks should be made by the party. He expressed that he does not believe in passing judgment on anyone’s attire or insisting that only certain clothing choices are acceptable.

The official position of the party has been unequivocally stated, making it unnecessary for further discussion or individual viewpoints on this matter.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Kannur > CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan said that dressing is the freedom of every individual and it is a democratic right envisaged by the Constitution. CPI-M State Committee Member Adv. He was responding to K Anilkumar’s comments. When Anil Kumar spoke, in one part he raised the issue related to the dress of Muslim women. We know that when such problems arise in the country, especially the hijab problem, the party’s position is that it does not agree with the court’s opinion that how women or ordinary people should dress is a problem. Dress is a democratic right for every human being. It is also guaranteed by the Constitution. When the issue of hijab was raised, the all India leadership of the party and the state leadership also clarified this. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to take a position on what should go into the dress code, which is every person’s democratic right. I don’t want to be judgmental of a person’s outfit and say that only Inna’s clothes should be worn today. So, Anil Kumar’s comment is different from the party’s point of view. Therefore, MV Govindan said that the official position that no such comment should be made from the party’s side has been clearly stated. Read on

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