CPM district secretary recommendation letter for appointment in the co-operative society CPM district secretary recommendation letter for appointment in the co-operative society is out

Thiruvananthapuram: The letter of recommendation given by CPM Thiruvananthapuram district secretary and state secretariat member Anavoor Nagappan for appointment of workers to district mercentrain cooperative society is out. The CPM district secretary’s letter of recommendation has come out amid the controversy that mayor Arya Rajendran has written to Anavoor Nagappan asking for a list of party workers to be temporarily appointed to the corporation. This letter relates to appointments made a year ago. This has also cut off the CPM. This letter confirms the claim that party workers are being established in co-operative societies and other government institutions. Coming out of this letter was also a setback for the CPM, which was on the defensive in the debate in the corporation’s letter.

Annavur Nagappan’s letter dated July 2021 states the names of those to be appointed to the posts of Junior Clerk and Driver in the District Mercantrain Co-operative Company. The letter asked the bank’s board of directors not to make the appointment of the Attender now and to make three other appointments. The letter bears Anavoor’s name and signature. The letter of recommendation is on the official letter pad of the CPM District Committee. It is reported that the list of appointments has been given as an official decision by the party. It is also clear that this intervention by the party is beyond the rules of appointment in co-operative organisations. It is also noted that the rule requiring a special agency to appoint fourth grade employees has been breached.

Meanwhile, CPM district secretary Anavoor Nagappan confirmed that the recommendation letter has been given for appointment in the cooperative society in Markanta. He also justified his action. Anavoor asked what was wrong with sending the letter and added that it should not be controversial. He also explained that the decision not to appoint an agent now was due to the group’s liability. A letter alleging that Mayor Arya Rajendran has sent a letter to Anavoor Nagappan asking for a list of temporary appointments in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Vanchiyur District Committee Member and Corporation Parliamentary Party Secretary DR. Anil’s letter was also released earlier.

Even after several months as a member of the CPM state secretariat, Anavoor has not left his post as district secretary. The party leadership tried to find a new secretary, but could not reach a consensus. It is in that situation that the letters that suggest Anavoor come out.

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