CPN gave `Central World` to tender the remaining 3.11% of SF shares, price 11.30 baht.

CPN informs the SET to request the subsidiary company “Central World” to buy the remaining 66.37 million shares of SF, proportion 3.11%, at 11.30 baht per share, in order to delist the shares from the market.

Ms. Amphawee Chompupongkasem, Company Secretary, Central Pattana Public Company Limited or CPN, disclosed through the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that according to the Board of Directors’ meeting Has considered and resolved to approve the delisting plan of Siam Future Development Public Company Limited or SF from being listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand

by allowing Central World Company Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Company (CPN holds 100% of shares directly and indirectly) is the tender offeror for all remaining (Tender Offer) of SF in the amount of 66,372,002 shares (which are not held by Central World. and persons under Section 258 of Central World, namely the Company and CPN Korat Company Limited, which are subsidiaries of the Company in which the Company holds shares, both directly and indirectly, totaling 100%) for the delisting of the securities of the Company. SF at the offering price of 11.30 baht per share, totaling 750,003,622.60 baht

At present, CentralWorld is a major shareholder of SF, with CentralWorld and persons under Section 258 of CentralWorld holding total shares directly and indirectly. 2,065,548,929 shares or representing approximately 96.89% of the total issued and paid-up shares of SF by making a tender offer for all securities of SF for this delisting of SF’s securities will occur only under the following conditions: complete

1. The shareholders’ meeting of SF passed a resolution approving the delisting of SF’s securities with a vote of not less than three-fourths of the total number of shares issued and sold. and there must be no shareholder objecting to the delisting of shares in excess of 10% of the total issued and paid-up shares of SF; and

2. Delisting of SF securities must be approved. and/or relaxation from relevant agencies, including the Stock Exchange of Thailand financial institution and other parties under the relevant contract

In this regard, Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited has been appointed as the Tender Offeror’s financial advisor. and to prepare a tender offer for SF’s securities for delisting of SF and to assess the value of SF’s ordinary shares in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations. The tender offer price that the tender offeror wishes to make a tender offer for SF’s ordinary shares as stated above (ie 11.30 baht per share) is the price that is not lower than the highest price calculated according to the specified method. Tender Offer Price for Delisting Under the Notification of the Capital Market Supervisory Board No. TorJor. 12/2554



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