“CPS CHAPS X NASA” invites the streets to explore space with cool NASA icons.

CHAPS CPS (CPS CHAPS), the most fashionable fashion brand. Introducing the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, drawing on the Futuristic trend that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Created as a special “CPS CHAPS X NASA” collaboration, striking with the feel of space and stars. With NASA logo icon (NASA) designed as a modern Day to Night street wear with reflective printing technique. and NASA photographs of space and the stars are uniquely patterned on clothing.

“CPS CHAPS”, a leading Thai fashion brand Under the concept of “CREATIVITY. PASSION. SELF. “which is full of creative energy. and inspiration in designing clothes to look unique and unique Meet the needs of young people in the modern age who want to create a look that is cool and modern in different styles. can achieve confidence in all lifestyles

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States. In addition to its work on space programs and space research, NASA has long been one of the symbols of pop culture from the United States. There is a story of connection and familiarity through various media around the world, including in the fashion industry where Hollywood celebrities are. Elevated from NASA to icon Nick represents timeless cool.

The collaboration between CPS CHAPS and NASA is a reflection of the Futuristic concept Designed as a collection of cool streetwear in the CHAPS CPS style, perfectly blended with NASA symbols, space and star motifs Including the main color scheme, which is black which represents space. Add a creamy gray which is the color of the astronaut’s suit. and red-orange, which is also NASA’s color

The key items for women in this collection are unmissable! With the Pilot Jumpsuit that can be worn alone or with an open-waisted bodice that can be paired with a collection, Roll the Graphic Print Long Sleeve Astronaut, Long Sleeve Shirt, Faux Spandex Long Sleeve Shirt, Dex Slip Dress and camisole with NASA space photograph chain motifs, hoodie and track pants set in white with monogram print. Print NASA text graphics, etc.

The men’s collection focuses on comfortable streetwear. with an oversized frame Both short Hawaiian shirts. Star photo print soft front pullover with reflective letter print. and a crew neck T-shirt with short sleeves printed with a reflective color logo Enhance the look with a bomber jacket, satin fabric decorated with various NASA logo woven labels, while the pants are available in a variety of styles, such as Sweat Pants, short and long with logo print with reflective paint and khago pants, umbrella fabric, Relaxed Fit style, decorated with side pockets and woven labels in the leg area, etc.

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