CR7 come back!! Watch Ronaldo play in the Saudi Pro League

Exciting and watching the cool moves of Cristiano Ronaldo with the Al Nasser team that will play in the Saudi Arabian Football League this weekend

This weekend, Friday, February 3, 2023, it will definitely not be just football fans. Especially the fans of “Papa” Cristiano Ronaldo The big star of the Portuguese national football team When we have the Saudi Arabian football league Come and watch for free on the screen.

by True ID It will broadcast live Saudi Pro League match between Al Fateh open house meeting Al Nasser Ronaldo Agency at 10:00 pm on the channel Station ID (894)

For Al Fateh, the defenders are another strong team. Currently sixth in the standings, while nine-time Saudi Arabian league champion Al Nasser is on fire. rise to the top of the pack And have many chances to win the championship, making this game Fierce for sure

I have to say that the Saudi Arabian Football League has recently been considered for promotion to the top leagues. from Asia already because it is crowded Many famous players from Asia and from Europe and South America.

The more this season, Al Nasser, the giant of the league, captured Ronaldo with a historic deal. Receive salaries including various benefits, almost 200 million euros (7,400 million baht) per year, which is the highest salary in the world football industry. It’s a shot that adds interest. And it should follow the Saudi Arabian league very much

So, anyone who is a fan of Ronaldo must come and cheer and help. CR7 lead the team to victory And hopefully score the first goal for the new team which is not certain it can be this match

Key stats for Al Fateh vs Al Nasser

The performance of the last 5 games

Al Fateh

  • 28/01/23 Win Al Wehda 2-0 (away) Saudi Arabia Pro League
  • 20/01/23 lost to Damac 1-3 (away) Saudi Arabia Pro League
  • 12/01/23 Al Itafak won 2-0 (homecoming) Saudi Arabia Pro League
  • 06/01/23 defeat Al Dalah Club 1-2 (away) Saudi Arabia Pro League
  • 30/12/22 lost Al Fayya 0-2 (homecoming) Saudi Arabia Pro League

Al Nasser

  • 27/01/23 defeat Al Ittihad 1-3 (away) Saudi Arabia Super Cup
  • 23/01/23 Al Itafak won 1-0 (homecoming) Saudi Arabia Pro League
  • 15/01/23 Always Al Shabab 0-0 (away) Saudi Arabia Pro League
  • 06/01/23 Altai won 2-0 (homecoming) Saudi Arabia Pro League
  • 01/01/23 Al Khalij win 1-0 (away) Saudi Arabia Pro League

Results of the last 5 meetings

  • 28/06/22 Al Nasser defeat Al Fateh 2-1
  • 01/01/22 Al Fateh lost 0-1 to Al Nasser
  • 09/02/21 Al Fateh draw Al Nasser 1-1
  • 18/10/20 Al Nasser defeat Al Fateh 1-2
  • 06/02/20 Al Nasser always draw Al Fateh 1-1

I repeat!! Don’t miss out on playing style Cristiano Ronaldo In the match, Al Fateh meets Al Nasser on Friday, February 3, 2023 at 10:00 pm on the channel. Station ID (894) It’s fun for sure.

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