‘crab sticks’ quickly organized that MPs go far Coordinating Bang Khun Thian area to close the myth of the Tha Kham rough bridge stop repeating accidents

on May 30 Mr Chaiyamphwan Munphianchit Or a crab stick, Bangkok deputy MP, Bang Khun Thian-Jom Thong District, Kao Klai Party, publishes photos and messages via Facebook. Shows the coordination with the Chom Thong Regional Office to fix the roughness around the half-bridge over the Sanam Chai Canal. Soi Anamai Ngam Charoen 18 near Wat Tha Kham, which has frequent accidents. until the repair is successful

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Closing the legend of the rough bridge that caused countless motorcycle accidents, Tha Kham District due to the large number of people Complain about the problem of the bridge over the Sanam Chai Canal Soi Anamai Ngam Charoen 18, near Wat Tha Kham Rough road conditions Causing motorcycle users to have accidents countless times For safety when using Tha Kham brothers roads. I have already coordinated to repair the road surface. Many thanks to Bang Khun Thian Regional Office for coming to fix it quickly and promptly.

In addition, in Tha Kham, there is a problem with blurred traffic lines and many road lights are out. I am in the process of coordinating to fix it further.’

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