Craftsman at Bamrungmueng: from an old printing house to a vintage cafe Bamrung Muang area, Sao Chingcha

Hello friends, TrueID Intrend today we will bring friends. go have coffee at the shop Craftsman at Bamrungmueng A shop that is suitable for both cafes, coffee lovers, or those who like beautiful architecture. This shop answers all the questions.

Craftsman at Bamrungmueng is a Pop Up Store organized by the Craftsman Roastery team located at Bamrungnukulkit Printing Factory, near the Giant Swing. If you want to come, hurry up. The shop will be here for only 8 months until Sept. 65 only.

Traveling to the shop can be driven. Must observe the entrance well There are a lot of parking spaces. Parking fee is 30 baht per hour. If you order items in the shop every 200 baht, you will get a discount of 10 baht for parking.

The shop is located on the 1st floor of the Bamrungnukulkit Printing Factory, an old building that fits together perfectly. have a vintage beauty Invite them to take photos from the front of the shop. There are 2 zones in the shop, an air-conditioned zone and a non-air-conditioned zone. But when I went there was a lot of people. without having to think about choosing a table at all Wherever you are, sit there. This is the size of a weekday afternoon. people are still full all the time

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