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Dry skin and cramps are all symptoms of calcium deficiency. The nutritionist organized 4 simple steps to supplement calcium to teach the public to supplement calcium effectively. (Photo: Provided by the Health and Medical Network)

According to the latest “National Nutrition and Health Change Survey” by the National Health Service, calcium is the mineral with the worst intake status among Taiwanese people, and the calcium intake of people over 4 years of age does not meet the recommended standard of adequate intake. (AI).

What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency? Usually how to supplement calcium effectively? Nutritionist Zhang Yuxi said that dry skin and cramps are all symptoms of calcium deficiency. The nutritionist organized 4 simple steps to supplement calcium to teach the public to supplement calcium effectively.

It’s not just the 6 osteoporosis symptoms that are warning signs of calcium deficiency

Calcium is the most abundant mineral nutrient in the human body, about 99% of calcium is stored in structural tissues such as bones and teeth, and the rest is in the form of calcium ions, dispersed in cells and tissues such as blood, nerves, and muscles Important functions such as blood clotting, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, and hormone secretion.

Therefore, if the body lacks calcium, in addition to osteoporosis and easy fractures, other parts of the body will also have symptoms of varying degrees. Nutritionist Zhang Yuxi noted that if people lack calcium in their bodies, symptoms such as dry skin, cramps, brittle nails, and abnormal teeth will occur. In addition, it will also lead to insomnia, irritability and depression.

How much calcium should be taken each day? What food options are available?

According to the “Dietary Nutrient Reference Intakes for Chinese People – Eighth Edition” of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the recommended daily calcium intake for people of all ages is 300-600 mg for 0-6 years, 800 mg for 7 – 9 years old. years old, and 800 mg for 10-12 years 1000 mg for adults, 1200 mg for 13-18 years, and 1000 mg for adults.

If people want to supplement with calcium, they can start with their diet and eat more calcium-rich foods. Nutritionist Zhang Yuxi recommends that foods such as milk, dried fish, black sesame seeds, and dark green vegetables (such as kale, red amaranth, etc.) are rich in calcium and are the best choices for calcium supplementation.

How to supplement calcium effectively? A nutritionist teaches 4 tips

However, the calcium consumed may not be completely absorbed by the body. In general, it is known that calcium should be supplemented along with vitamin D to help the intestines absorb calcium. But if you want to supplement calcium more effective, what are the other suggestions? Woolen cloth?

Nutritionist Zhang Yuxi said, firstly, the daily caffeine intake should not be excessive. It is recommended not to consume more than 300 mg of caffeine per day; Well over 1 hour or more.

In addition, it is better to add calcium in stages. Dietitian Zhang Yuxi said that adding calcium in stages is more effective than a large amount of calcium at the same time. It is recommended that the public drink a glass of fresh milk in the morning and with at night to replenish calcium. In addition to diet, exercise is also very important. Zhang Yuxi said that more exercise can stimulate bone mass, especially weight-bearing exercise.

source:Nutritionist Zhang Yuxi – What are the foods rich in calcium?

Reprint authorized by “Health Medical Network” / Reported by reporter Wu Yiwen


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