crash a Chinese party Open a karaoke room, 100,000 baht a night, mix and match, strong rules ban Thai people from entering

Police crack down on Chinese partying Open a karaoke room for 100,000 baht a night, join together to use drugs at a famous massage parlor in Petchburi new district, revealing the strict rules that ban Thais from go in

at 3:00 pm on June 2, 2023 Colonel Teerasak Chandra Phiphat The Superintendent of the Child and Women’s Welfare Division (ONCB) and officers from the Narcotics Control Board led an investigation into an entertainment venue. In New Petchburi Road, Bang Kapi Subdistrict, Huay Kwang District, Bangkok Found 48 Chinese tourists, 18 female, 30 male, opened 4 karaoke rooms, joined together to take drugs. From the examination, cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, happy life, and a large amount of drug paraphernalia were found. So all objects were seized as evidence Then all the tourists were urine tested for drugs.

Colonel Teerasak He revealed that this entertainment place is secretly open for service. KTV karaoke room for Chinese tourists Available from 22.00 onwards until the morning. And it is a source of drug use among Chinese tourists without allowing Thai people to enter Most of them are rich Chinese people who come to visit. The service charge for karaoke rooms is 100,000 baht per room for 6 hours. from room opening until morning Each room has a personal DJ to play music. Each room has a maid. and must be booked in advance

The arrest of this officer The DDS has been monitoring information about this entertainment place for two weeks until it was discovered that this entertainment place There is similar behavior to the Jin Ling pub. arrested on November 26, 2022

Colonel Teerasak said that from the examination, there are many tourists with narcotic substances in their bodies. therefore keeping the prosecutor and being investigated to elaborate on those results Is the entertainment venue involved in selling drugs to tourists who come to use the service or not? And it will check whether the arrested Chinese tourists have entered the country correctly or not


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