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New York: The blue crayfish caught in the net of the American fisherman is the star of the internet. Common prawns are brown/red in color. Researchers say that the probability of having blue crabs is one in 20 lakhs.

Johan Larsen did not know that he had received a rare crayfish. He got the blue crab off the coast of Portland. After taking the photo, Larsen released it into the water. Later, when the picture was tweeted, wonderful responses started coming. The film was circulated worldwide with 516,000 likes and 43,000 shares. Many people remarked that it was the first time they had seen such a crayfish.

In the words of many people, the wonder and joy of seeing the blue crab was overflowing. A few also informed that they had caught a rare species of prawn. A person wrote that he gave the prawn he got in 1993 to the fish breeding center.

Experts say that their color turns blue due to a genetic defect and they have the ability to overproduce certain proteins.

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