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Create a New Phenomenon in Next Normal Meetings with Jabra PanaCast 50, Sound Bar Video Conference

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Organizations today are driven by various factors. thus, they had to develop themselves towards a new way of doing business. In a manner known as Next Normal, which is the nature of the integration of more technology. in a way known as Modernization Workplace, where people can work anywhere through meeting, chatting and meeting via the next-generation VDO Conference system. No need to be in the office anymore.

However, to enter the working world Modernization Workplace is very challenging. in terms of creating the best performance especially with teleconferencing systems Today, people are facing problems of communication that is not smooth. Whether it is a picture that lacks clarity and sound that is not clear including the difficulty of installation and use All of these have a negative impact on the overall performance of the organization.

Jabra is the world leader in audio innovation that develops various devices. To meet the demands of continuous collaboration, Jabra understands the changing business practices of people. as well as being aware of problems arising from inefficient use of equipment Therefore, it has developed an intelligent meeting device “Jabra PanaCast 50” that meets the needs of the work characteristics. Modernization Workplace as well Help create a professionalism for the organization as much as possible.

Jabra PanaCast 50 different innovations

The PanaCast 50 is an intelligent Unified Communication (UC) device designed for next-generation teleconferencing applications. Comes with a distinctive design in the style of Video Bar that combines the best picture technology that provides resolutions up to 4K in a sales angle of up to 180 degrees via a 13-megapixel camera that comes up to 3 It provides a wider field of view, making it easier for attendees to sit apart in the meeting room.

The Jabra PanaCast 50 is also equipped with a Virtual Director Smart Zoom system that automatically zooms in on the speaker during a meeting, no matter where in the room they are sitting. The camera will automatically focus and capture the image to the speaker. It also has Intelligent Zoom technology that automatically adjusts the field of view (FOV) according to the number of participants. Along with the Live Whiteboard system, the capture of whiteboard scribbles is like screen sharing, allowing attendees to exchange ideas at any time. This functionality is compatible with a variety of meeting platforms and solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Room and Zoom, Zoom Room, and other common platforms on the market.

As for the sound system, the PanaCast 50 delivers unique sound and excellent sound performance. using Beamforming technology in all 8 microphones. This allows the end user to hear the conversation or talk clearly without connecting an additional microphone. It also comes with a total of 4 speakers (50 mm Subwoofer and 20 mm Tweeters) to deliver crisp, realistic sound in High Definition, just like in a real conference room. The PanaCast 50 also features PeopleCount technology, which helps Count the number of attendees for us as well.

In addition, with the architecture Ultra-Advance System, through its AI-powered Edge-AI processing processor, combines the outstanding audio-visual capabilities of the PanaCast 50 into one to create a meeting dimension. long distance in the era Modernization Workplace with full efficiency

Incredibly easy to install and use!

The standout of the PanaCast 50, which is unique in its own right, is its “easy” installation and use. As this platform is a Plug-and-Play All you need to do is connect the PanaCast 50 to your computer via USB-C and start meetings via the PanaCast 50 smart UC platform. You can use the Remote Control (optional) to assist you in every meeting.

Conclusion of genius

Based on more than 150 years of experience in the communications world from Denmark, the PanaCast 50 is a Unified Communication (UC) device that Jabra has created a new phenomenon in the era of work. Modernization Workplace meets the demands of teleconferencing with high definition picture and clear sound with a full range of premium features. It is also compatible with Microsoft Team, Zoom. It is also compatible with many other UC platforms.

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