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Way of life / Tawee Surarithikul

Politics done with selfish people is even worse. because the more there will be people who think to take advantage

Created in 1991, he must be considered a young scholar, “the new generation” aged 30, making him feel proud to work in an important part of the government. The teacher who taught him held the position of Deputy Prime Minister in that military government. he was assigned to take care of many important tasks In particular, the work related to the law and the coordination of various government agencies, which have been created to take care of the budget office and budget expenditure of enterprises that owned by the state. Including the taxation system and various state properties, which is a subject he has studied in particular up to the end of the Ph.D.

The creation showed that he was much more knowledgeable than the bureaucrats. Since most of the civil servants he liaised with were at the level of the Director General or at least the Deputy Director General assigned by the Director General or the Permanent Secretary to provide information and “command orders”, he will by these people a service life of at least twenty years The youngest may be in their early 40s, but that is someone who has studied old law and old economics books, so the creation was used by the deputy prime minister to “pressure” the senior civil servants this. that the creation did not disappoint the boss who could question and argue with those superiors very well with a humble but confident attitude Of course, there will be people who love and people who don’t. by loved ones who try to please while those who don’t like it will find an opportunity for revenge in their hearts.

He created the ending from the United States. and the house has a new legacy management Among his legacy was a classic Mercedes, one that his father had used before, but he also bought another luxury Japanese passenger car for a modern Look that he drives to work from’ the university until he came to this palace. But just two weeks later he was encouraged by the deputy director of the Treasury to get a new Mercedes to test drive. along with arranging for the driver to be ready what the creation knew as soon as Apparently this driver is a spy to report where he has been and who he is talking to and on the phone. Still, he was satisfied with the gifts brought by government officials, but he was very careful when receiving things, always openly so that witnesses or people could see him. Therefore, those who bring their belongings must be careful.

He worked closely with a group of soldiers in the Corps. The Royal Thai Police Office has sent to coordinate the duties of the House of Representatives. where he learned that the soldiers were very suspicious of politicians. The task of this group of soldiers is to find information about the corruption of politicians. because after seizing power The National Assembly also announced that they had seized 15 former prime ministers and ex-ministers in the previous government, and the group has also expanded their search for information about the politicians’ business. They are known to have connections with traders and influencers at a national and local level. including relationships with government officials who hold positions related to those businesses To the point that it was found that the bureaucrats encouraged and encouraged those politicians to create influence. and together enjoy the benefits But this information is very difficult to reveal. Because the people involved are all very influential and the process and prosecution process is very difficult. Even if a special committee were set up to inspect, only a small part of that could be done. And in the end, many former ministers, including the former prime minister, fell out of the scrutiny “floating” The main reason for this is that if you continue to investigate, you will be himself involved in much more. including some of the leaders in the Y blas faculty itself, too.

During that time, Creation had to involve many politicians. despite being associated with corruption cases responsible for them with those who came to “friend” or to build a close relationship for various political gains he created himself learned from those politicians at the same time. Some invited them to join the party. Some invited them to play politics. because at that time the National Assembly was about to hold an election in early 1992, but Rangsan rejected all of them. Although he already had a dream of becoming a politician In this story, there are people who secretly know why the creator refused to leave the crater to run for elections at that time because The Deputy Prime Minister who is a teacher Rangsan banned. and suggests that “political scholars” like this are one of the good professions in Thai society. But Rangsan likes to tell anyone that he still prefers to be a government official, that is, a teacher.

Election on March 22, 1992, the result appeared that the Unity Party was formed by gathering many groups of politicians to form a “Special Party” to support military leaders to stay in power winning the largest number of MPs But it is not enough to form a government. having to bring another party to be included in a certain amount Amidst a wave of opposition to the unelected prime minister At first, General Suchinda Kraprayoon, deputy head of the Faculty The National Assembly will not accept the position and has refused, but it by mr. Narong Wongwan, leader of the Samakkhitham Party, a drug blacklist. therefore General Suchinda had to be invited to be Prime Minister Then there was opposition inside and outside the House of Representatives. by Major General Chamlong Srimuang, leader of the Phalantham Party protested in front of the National Assembly then expanded into a public assembly on Ratchadamnoen Road Finally, there was a riot between May 17 and 21, known as “Black May”, with many deaths and injuries. Eventually, His Majesty King Rama IX had to summon General Suchinda and Major General Chamlong to come and see them calm down. The riot was over. and the amnesty decree has been published

created to be part of that event all the time After the election he returned to work at the university in full. When Major General Simmons starved in protest he, along with professors at the university, issued a statement of encouragement. and get together every day after work He had written articles for newspapers that he had been familiar with since his time at the palace. The article is legal advice for people on the right to assemble. including attacking the Unity Party which caused chaos in the country because to support the army to continue to hold power When the rally ended in victory, the “gods” were the anti-military ones. Above the military supporters known as the “Parti Mara” or “Plaid Mara”, from the political crisis at that time, Rang created the impression that being an academic can play a huge role in politics as well as becoming a politician in direct.

Rangsan joined the movement in the political reform process that took place after the Black May incident. He was a member of the political development committee of Mr Chuan Leekpai’s government, together with academics and people’s leaders, until the formation of the political reform committee during the reign of Banharn Silpa-archa. Political reform, the 1997 version, was completed in August of that year. this is called “The Constitution of the People”

The way of life created is like sprinkling rose petals. that he could do anything he had ever dreamed of Until he encountered the “real” in the reformed politics that followed.

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