Crisis in Chennai needs to be resolved: Sunny Joseph MLA: Nattu Visesham

RTI: What is the stagnation in the employment sector in Chennai? Sunny Joseph MLA urges action to be taken to resolve the dispute AGilla Collector Road asked that.
Suspension of work in the Chengal sector It is affected. This created major crises for other construction workers as well. There is. This area is one of the most important places in the world to live. He also told Mann. The Collector replied that immediate action would be taken. The MLA also said.

PDP of lorry workers
Must end:
Masdoor Group

Retirement: Illegal mining of sand. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. Kannur District Chengal Worker Masdu demands termination of lease proceedings The group (BMS) Eritrean Regional Committee requested that. Month due to code expansion and subsequent complete shutdown The workers in Chennai were starving. Workers lorries on the road while getting out of it. This taxi is being fined by the police for stopping and paying a large fine. Permission to operate on legal tender for legal tender Are the owners of the money to be bought. Strong if not backed up by action. Going forward with the campaign and the leaders of the organization The gum fire was extinguished. The meeting was inaugurated by Satyan Kommeri. P. Suresh presided.


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